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Romania wildlife vacation, bear tracking and birdwatching

A relaxing vacation focusing on watching brown bears and birds (numerous White and Dalmatian Pelicans, Pigmy Cormorants and Glossy Ibises just to start with) in two of the most beautiful areas of Romania: the Carpathians and the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve. You will visit also the Bran Castle (famous worldwide as Dracula's Castle) and Brasov medieval town, enjoy the hospitability of local people, eat Romanian traditional home grown products and drink home-made plum brandy, wine and bilberry liquor. This trip will take you through impressive landscapes, allow you to discover a small part of the Romanian rural life and help you create great memories.Read more >
From £1,250 excluding flights

Romania bird watching and bear tracking vacation

A 6-day trip in the Romanian Carpathians in search of wild brown bears in their natural habitat, as well as wetland birds like Egrets, Herons, Ducks and Geese in the "Carpathians Danube Delta". If you add to this Bran Castle, some of the famous Transylvanian fortified churches, scenic rural areas and the spectacular landscapes of the Carpathians the result will be an unforgettable vacation in the central Romania.Read more >
From £950 excluding flights

Wolf tracking and watching vacation in Transylvania

A 6-day long private trip in Transylvania, with 4 days (morning and evening) focusing on wolf watching and tracking with a wildlife researcher. We'll also take the opportunity to visit Bran Castle (aka Dracula’s Castle), enjoy the medieval town of Brasov with the most Eastern Gothic church, the Black Church, as well as the unforgettable sceneries of the Carpathian mountains in search of wolf tracks. Wolves are very shy animals due to the numerous persecutions from people, who learned the art of camouflage the hard way. This trip gives you the opportunity to look for wolves in their natural habitat, at safe distance to minimize the negative impact of our activities on these magnificent ...Read more >
From £950 excluding flights

Transylvania wildlife vacation, lynx watching and tracking

This Transylvania wildlife vacation is a tailor made six day itinerary with a special emphasis on watching and tracking lynx. You will spend four days in the company of an English speaking guide and lynx expert, tracking and watching these elusive, exquisite creatures which are pretty impossible to spot by the untrained eye. Our expert guide will help you look out for signs and tracks, as well as observe them from a safe distance in these natural mountain habitats. This vacation takes place February-April depending on snow conditions (plenty of snow is good for lynx watching) because as this is mating season for lynx they are much more visible and audible. For the last few years the best ...Read more >
From £950 excluding flights

Romania wildlife vacation, bear watching and tracking

This Romania wildlife and bear watching vacation is a short five day trip into the heart of the Carpathian Mountains, in the Brasov region. Staying in a small, locally owned rural guesthouse, we will take three daily excursions, starting early morning, to go tracking for bears, bird watching and explore the stunning mountain gorges and ancient forests in this region. Romania is actually home to around 5,500 bears, 4,000 wolves and 2,000 Eurasian lynx, and inland birds include bee-eaters, black storks, eagles and Ural owls. You will be walking with the guidance of expert naturalist guides who will help you track and follow the movements of the country’s magnificent mammals, usually before ...Read more >
From £900 excluding flights
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