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Sweden kayaking vacation

Join a small group of likeminded explorers on this sublime five-day tour of the Saint Anna archipelago on the East coast of Sweden, a maze of 6000 islands where birdlife flourishes and wild camping is welcomed throughout. Led by a professional kayaking guide, you’ll enter the water in Mon, and paddle at a relaxed pace past wildlife sanctuaries that teem with birdlife including sea eagles. You may even see the occasional seal bobbing its head up in the waves. This is the perfect location in Sweden for an adventurous sea kayaking vacation, with uninhabited and enchanting islands as far as the eye can see, the thrill of wild camping every evening, and quick bonding with a group that prepares ...Read more >
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Winter ski touring in Sweden vacayion

A silent snow-clad landscape of forests, mires and fells, the air so crisp, the light so icy blue. Cross-country skiing over untouched snow is a magical winter experience. Ski touring is a perfect winter activity for beginners, it’s pretty much like hiking but on skis! We start off on lower altitudes in the remote forested valley where we stay, and across frozen mires close by. Ideal locations for your first steps on cross-country skis. During the week, we practice our skiing skills and familiarity with zubzero temps towards one or two nights winter camping on a mountain plateau. We strap on sleds with everything we need to stay happy, warm & fed, and head out for a true winter ...Read more >
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Kayaking tour in Sweden

The remote Saint Anna Archipelago on the East Coast of Sweden is heaven for kayakers. Nowhere in Europe can you find 6000 islands so closely clustered together - a maze from the forested sheltered islands close to the mainland out to the barren islets bordering the open sea. You are free to paddle and wild camp wherever you like! This is a self-guided long weekend and you decide your own route. All top-notch equipment is provided along with a detailed guide book, and 24/7 support while kayaking. Your pre-ordered groceries are packed when you arrive, and after a briefing on safety, navigation and the area, you're ready to hit the water! Saint Anna boasts one of Sweden's highest number of ...Read more >
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Women only kayaking vacation in Sweden

Join our very special guest guides for a 5-day all ladies inspirational kayaking journey full to the brim with passion, know-how and gumption to make the outdoors a bigger part of your life! Explore the Saint Anna Archipelago on the East Coast of Sweden together - a stunning coastal wonderland with 6000 islands and wild camping permitted anywhere. Perhaps it’s an adventure you’ve always wanted to do, or you simply wish to spend more time in nature. Maybe you’re even eager to find a way to make a living in the outdoors. Led by two true adventure ladies and entrepreneurs who can't wait to share their stories and experiences. This trip is perfect for beginners and experienced kayakers ...Read more >
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Sweden kayaking and camping vacation

Made up of over 6000 islands, most of them tiny and uninhabited, the Saint Anna archipelago on the East coast of Sweden is a fantastic location for a sea kayaking expedition. This is a self-guided tour, meaning that subject to prevailing weather conditions you can pretty much choose your own route, while the team behind it will be ready with stacks of helpful advice and recommendations. All equipment is provided of course, from a top-quality tent to cooking gear. You’ll also have a comprehensive guidebook, and 24/7 support. So just load up on supplies (groceries are conveniently ordered in advance) and then hit the water! One suggested itinerary would take you to Kupa Klint, the famous ...Read more >
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Kayaking in Sweden, foraging and food

This is a fantastic sea kayaking tour in Sweden for those with a taste for the outdoors and an appetite for gourmet dishes cooked wild around the campfire. As part of a small group you’ll paddle around the Saint Anna archipelago, made up of over 6000 islands, wild camping and foraging for ingredients every day. A kayaking guide accompanies you, navigating through bird sanctuaries and pretty clusters of islands and islets. A wilderness chef will be waiting for you at each pre-selected campsite, ready to lead you out to forage for ingredients such as sorrel, chives, berries, juniper and mushrooms. The group prepares Swedish cuisine together, both traditional and modern, using locally ...Read more >
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Sweden kayaking and food vacation

This is an amazing gourmet sea kayaking tour in the Swedish archipelago. Join like-minded foodies, learn to cook elaborate meals in the outdoors and paddle to the best restaurants of the islands. Accompanied by a kayaking & wild cooking guide you'll set up base camp on an island near the most beautiful highlights of the archipelago, and go for day trips to visit the picturesque old fishing village at Harstena, climb the stunning lookout Kupa Klint and dine at the local eateries. Your group will cook up advanced Swedish cuisine on the cooking stove, using locally sourced ingredients like wild boar, lamb and fish as well as foraged ingredients if you find some. Dishes include a slow-cooked ...Read more >
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Photography and kayaking vacation in Sweden

Join a professional photographer for 6 days of photo workshops by kayak in Sweden's most beautiful coastal wilderness. Meander your way through thousands of islands while taking your photography to the next level. The goal is to develop a new creative eye through workshops about basic controls, how to manipulate those controls, styles of photography, light, approaching a scene or subject and working around limitations. After four nights of wild camping and paddling, you stay the last night in cosy cabins by the waterfront. You'll spend half a day on photo editing sessions, learning all the steps involved in post-production. This trip is ideal for all skill levels, from amateurs to ...Read more >
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