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Yoga retreat in Spain

Flow with the moon 25th to 31st March Hatha/Yin Yin Yang Yoga blends two styles of yoga into one practice – bringing together the benefits of passively holding yoga poses with more dynamic sequences and standing postures. Yin and Yang are the Taoist concepts which describe the two relative qualities present in everything. Yin is more internal, passive, cooling and downward. Yang is more external, dynamic, warming and upward. While enjoying all that the worm moon will offer. The Power of Now 29th April to 5th May Hatha/Restorative Your journey is taking you for a ride into the here and now, the only real reality. Out of the frame of the usual daily life, you will enjoy a full immersion ...Read more >
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LGBTQIA+ yoga retreat in Spain

LBGTQIA+ retreat - all are welcome Style of Yoga to be taught: There are almost as many definitions of the word ‘yoga’ as there are styles of yoga practice. One of our favourite definitions is that Yoga is a ‘union’ - of mind, body and breath. It is a profound, radical and transformative practice. People come to yoga classes for many different reasons – to increase flexibility, to sleep better, to tone up, to relax – however often they will find other benefits from them. The practice of Yoga Asana (physical positions) are the tip of an iceberg into a much wider and deeper set of practices and ways of living. Traditional yoga consists of eight pillars, including how we live our lives, ...Read more >
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New Year yoga retreat in Spain

Style of Yoga to be taught: Mainly Hatha & Restorative In the sessions, you can expect to linger luxuriously in some postures to really reach those deeper places in ourselves on all levels and to delve into a deeper relationship with each posture too. Our morning sessions shall focus on an energising Hatha practice with the evening sessions focusing on a soothing more Restorative practice - a perfect balance. We believe, the philosophical aspect of yoga is just as important as the physical so you can expect to hear words of wisdom and inspiration as you make your way through your postures. The theme of Light & Lightness will be interwoven and felt throughout all our activities on the ...Read more >
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Mum and baby yoga retreat in Spain

Mum's with babies in arms are welcome on this retreat. You must come with a supporter, either partner, grandparent or friend. Your baby needs not to be able to crawl far. Either yourself or the supporter must be with your baby at all times. We do not provide any nanny support or creche facilites. Max age for baby 18 months. Style of Yoga to be taught: The yoga classes will be a mixture of Yin and Yang Yoga, also adding elements of Mandala Vinyasa. Our practice is designed to emphasise the notion of letting go. Letting go of how you think an asana 'should' look, letting go of comparing yourself to other practitioners, letting go of fear associated with particular Asanas. Each Mandala ...Read more >
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Yoga and walking vacations in Spain

Enjoy a yoga retreat including 2 days hiking in the breath taking mountains of Sierra Espuña. You will have a local guide, walks will be easy to moderate. A long the way learn some foraging techniques and marvel in the magnificence of the remains of Roman viaducts. Style of Yoga to be taught: Hatha and Restorative Morning will be a powerful practice based on Hatha Yoga, that will help you tune deeply into your own body and find precious tools to strengthen, stretch, release and take care. Prepare to fall in love with yourtoes, find immense power in your breath and marvel at the force of your whole being. Evenings will bring a huge sigh of relief in a yummy Restorative Yoga. That style ...Read more >
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