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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Bolivia tailor made tour


All nature excursions and trekkings are guided by local guides with ecological and/or cultural knowledge trained within the standards of the Reserves & National Parks of Bolivia. Excursions are organized by local Bolivian organizations , which are taking care of the cultural heritage and the environment with ecological awareness. Their commitment is to guide you in a safe way, that you can enjoy fully the beauty of a landscape, the walks, birdwatching and trekkings while nature is taken care of and that visitors are doing the same. The local guides will supply guidelines what to do and what to avoid and are of course also open to learn from their clients. The individual travels are designed and offered by a company of guides who live in Latin America. They have been guiding in Latin America for many years on mountain trekkings, specialised ecotravels and culture travels and have experienced all the aspects of being a responsible host in mother nature.

The Bolivian people who work in tourism are aware that it is important to take care of their beautiful natural environment, as it is one of the main attractions for tourists, and tourism is becoming an important income. By making use of nature or cultural excursions during your travel through Bolivia, you stimulate the people to continue to take care of their natural reserves & cultural heritage.


Local guides are a welcome source to give you all information about nature, culture and customs that you would like to know and it gives them to share their traditiosn and knowledge with the visitors. When you visit Reserves or National Parks your entrance fee contributes directly to the conservation of this park and/or archaeological site, and maintains employment for local communities and guides as well.

We can propose to make one or two visits to social projects along the itinery depending of interests of the travelers as it can be all tailor made. Clients can also come forward with one or more social projects they would like to visit. Before the start of our trip some research will have to be done and contacts to be made in order to make this a success of all parties involved, Your guides speak fluently English & Spanish so there will be no languange barrier between you and the coordinators involved with the project.

All local operators are small and local owners, meaning that the income remains within the country and creates a real economic contribution to its people and country. Accommodations are chosen according to budget, taste and style, when they are locally owned this will have our preference, when this is not the case we will inform the client with further details in case asked for so that a well balanced decision can be made. The accommodations create direct employment for the Bolivian communities. The companies that take care of the transport are locally owned and result in a direct income for the Bolivian people as well.

All the excursions on this Bolivia tour can be booked as group and/or private guided excursions. With private guided excursions you can decide yourself the pace of traveling, have the opportunity to learn more of the cultural heritage of Bolivia, that you can make pictures whenever you wish, and that in nature you will have more opportunities to see wildlife and enjoy the moments in nature as you wish.

This is a short roundtour that can be tailor made into a larger roundtour through Bolivia. In that case we can include more visits to several indigenous communities and have the option to choose for an overnight stay. Your stay is a direct income to these communities. A part of the profits of our local Bolivia tour operator goes directly to the people of the Tacana community (Amazonian rainforest), to the people of the Tunupa villages on the Altiplano, to the indigenous community of Jatun Yampara (rain cloudforest) and are reserved for donations to the Legion de la Buena Voluntad in la Paz.

This tour through Bolivia is a cross cultural travel in which you can create a mutual benefit by acquiring locally produced goods & inspiring people by showing your interest in their traditional made handicrafts. This Bolivia tour is designed & offered by professional guides, they work & live in Latin America and have been guiding in the Andes for many years. By booking one of these travels you support a small company of experts in nature and Latin cultural heritage.

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