Italy highlights tour, Venice to Rome

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Italy highlights tour, Venice to Rome


The survival of some of the places that you are going to visit on this tour is strictly linked to the preservation of the environment: access to Le Cinque Terre is quite restricted for cars and coaches, the five villages are accessible mainly by train or boat which we will use to travel there. We are in a very fragile geological area of rare beauty and the local administrators pursue a far-sighted policy about the preservation of this territory. It is rare to see local regulators favouring the survival of the environment instead of immediate profit from thousands of tourists visiting this beautiful corner of Italy every year, so we are proud to work with such a forward thinking organisation.

At the marble quarries in Carrara, you will explore the place where for the last 2000 years man has worked daily with this wonderful natural landform. We aim to educate our guests on the dispute between those who claim that the caves are destroying the beautiful Alpi Apuane and excavations should be reduced, if not altogether stopped, and those who strenuously support the present situation. Our aim is to create awareness by giving you the opportunity to learn the facts and form your own opinion.

The “dying town” of Civita di Bagnoregio is a unique place where the preservation of the environment means the survival of the town itself. On this tour, we are able to offer a choice of hotels which are historical buildings turned into hospitality venues to preserve them and to pass their cultural heritage on to future generations.


You will have the opportunity to get in touch with craftsmen and local producers, helping them to survive in a globalized world: meet a leather craftsman in Turin who will benefit from an extra income besides the profit from selling his products; get to know local wines from passionate wine producers in the Langhe; discover the quarries, the techniques and the history as well as the quarrymen's villages, their thousand-year habits and customs, their language their food and everyday life and learn that the world of marble is not just the excavation or processing of a stone, but the history of a territory and its population that have been synonyms of marble itself for ages. In some places you will also be able to buy local products during visits.

We are a small Italian tour operator and we tend to establish partnerships with businesses similar to ours, usually small local companies; some of them usually work with Italian tourists and rarely with foreigners, your visit would be a special event for them and you can count on a friendly attitude even if they may not speak flawless English.

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