Highlights of Portugal luxury tour

US $2995 excluding flights
9 Days
Small group
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$2995 USD per person, double occupancy.
Guests will be paired with a roommate of the same gender unless "my own room" option is selected for +$500
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Price information

US $2995 excluding flights
$2995 USD per person, double occupancy.
Guests will be paired with a roommate of the same gender unless "my own room" option is selected for +$500
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2024: 6 Apr

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Portugal once ruled a global empire but today quietly tends its own patch. Those looking in discern an immense coastline, a glorious little-explored i...
Europe may be the world’s second smallest continent, with some of its tiniest nations, but it finally lays to rest, with ease, the whole ‘size isn’t e...

Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) vacation so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


Our Portugal tour has a heavy focus on regional & local cuisine and responsible, sustainable agriculture. We work with our local hotel partners to ensure fresh, locally sourced breakfasts and we visit locally owned restaurants that prioritize regional cuisine such as seafood with as much attention to sustainable practices as possible. Our winery partners use environmentally sound agricultural practices including organic and biodynamic along with a strong focus on water conservation.

Any time we buy snacks for the road, we look for fresh and local bites; in Portugal this might be fresh-squeezed orange juice, a delicious pastry from the local baker, or an afternoon wine from the region.

On all of our trips, we focus on reduction of plastic and make sure that water jugs are available for refilling personal reusable water bottles. In the event of waste, recycle and composting, we direct client to the appropriate bins and disposal method.


Our Portugal itinerary prioritizes locally owned suppliers including our boutique hotels, local guides, transportation providers, and restaurants. Our accommodations are small, generally with around 10 rooms, and pride themselves in showcasing their local community including the neighborhood we stay in and the fresh, local food that they serve.

Our local tour guides are residents of the respective city and know its achievements & challenges, history and culture and provide in-depth perspective and context as we learn about the unique place we're visiting. We believe that a sound understanding of the local culture and community is essential to a transformative travel experience.

We also engage in a community partner activity to learn about art for social inclusion in Lisbon. We'll have a several hour excursion walking through this unique barrio with time to engage, ask questions, and see first-hand the impact that they've had. 3% of trip sales are donated to the NGO partner.

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