Portugal small group tour

US $3200 excluding flights
13 Days
Small group
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Includes: 9 nights accommodation; Local Portuguese host; Breakfast served daily, 3 lunches & 1 dinner; All activities as noted on the itinerary; Airport pick-up.
Room upgrades available.
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US $3200 excluding flights
Includes: 9 nights accommodation; Local Portuguese host; Breakfast served daily, 3 lunches & 1 dinner; All activities as noted on the itinerary; Airport pick-up.
Room upgrades available.
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Portugal once ruled a global empire but today quietly tends its own patch. Those looking in discern immense coastline, glorious little-explored interi...
Europe may be the world’s second smallest continent, with some of its tiniest nations, but it finally lays to rest, with ease, the whole ‘size isn’t e...

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Dietary requirements:
We can cater for vegetarian and vegan diets.

Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) vacation so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


Waste : All travelers are encouraged to drink filtered water and to bring their own reusable water bottle in order to eliminate as much plastic waste as possible. Additionally, our guide will instruct guests on the best way to dispose of any and all waste to keep the environment clean and to preserve its beauty.

Water : As on every trip, we urge everyone to limit their use of plastics by carrying their own reusable water bottle as the tap water is considered by most to be potable. and a day-bag so they don't have to make use of plastic bottles or bags. Also, all accommodation we stay at are conscious of water consumption and try to impart their values to the guests.

Transport : While we will be using a gas-powered mini-bus as means of transportation to the different destinations on this tour, once arrived at those destinations, we have tried our best to choose dining options, activities, guided tours that can all be done or accessed on foot in an effort to minimize pollution. Good for your health and the environment!


Friends & neighbours : All guides, restaurants, accommodation, activities, etc. are locally-owned and employ locals as well. This ensures that our guests are able to have a more authentic experience and also that local citizens are supported and in turn, the economy is stimulated. For example, between Evora & Obidos, we stop at a local ginja distillery where the ginja berries are grown, harvested and then processed into a traditional liqueur. This will give guests insight into local agriculture and customs as well as a tasty treat. Plus, it is locally-owned and -run so any purchases go directly to the profits of the distillery which is a unique aspect of the region. Additionally, we stay in small-scale, boutique hotels or bed & breakfasts whenever possible as opposed to large-scale, commercial hotels for the same reasons. We also like to promote cultural exchange with local artisans so that our customers may experience locally produced items and get a point of view that one may not be able to get in a tourist souvenir shop. This in turn provides income to local artisans.

A fair deal : All guides and drivers that we work with are paid wages well above the local standard. We are proud of the people we work with and value their hard work so this is why we compensate them generously. Also, all accommodations we stay at, restaurants we dine in, activities we participate in offer all workers a fair payment and no one is reimbursed unfairly for their work.

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