Hunza and Skardu cultural tour, Pakistan

US $2800ToUS $2810 including domestic flights only
14 Days
Small group
ast Minute Offer-$250 off for October departures
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US $2800ToUS $2810 including domestic flights only
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The snow leopard is Pakistan’s national heritage animal, with a few hundred of these rare beauties roaming its Karakoram Mountains. Travel in Pakistan...
Asia is massive: a whopping great sprawl of a continent with some 4.5 billion people living across it – that’s more than the population of every other...

Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) vacation so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


During our tours, we abide by a strict environmental 'Leave No Trace' policy.

We promote the use of reusable bottles to reduce single-use plastic.

To go paper-free, all the correspondence will be done via digital platforms, and all necessary information, such as the trip dossier, packing lists etc., will be shared via email.

Weight restrictions on flights are due to the additional fuel used to carry heavier bags, so lightening your luggage reduces the carbon footprint. We guide and encourage our guests to pack with care as lightening the luggage reduces the carbon footprint.

During our trips, we keep erosion to a minimum and are mindful of water pollution.

We encourage our guests to make sure any souvenirs purchased are sustainable to ensure artefacts and products are not made from endangered species and hardwoods.

As stewards of our children’s and grandchildren’s planet, we must be willing to preserve the Earth’s natural resources and wild places. We dream that these unique places will be preserved and cherished by many generations to come!


We encourage our clients to buy local products and eat in local (family-owned) restaurants. We support the creation of micro and small enterprises.

Simply “being out” awakens a part of many of us that’s gone dormant from living around artificial lights, the noise of civilization, the demands of daily life, and a lack of wide-open spaces. Our commitment is to provide exceptional adventures; these are important words to us. We hope our trips spark a desire to keep getting out.

We employ local people, including local guides, transport services from businesses owned by local people, and local support staff (porters, cooks, porter Sardar etc.).

We collect the necessary information regarding local customs and traditions. We share information with the group members before & during the trip.

We always try and give something back. Whether it is a pair of old walking boots, a guest giving to a porter, school supplies for local communities, or a donation to charity, every generous gift help preserve the natural wonders of our world. We sponsor 25 deserving students at AL-Mahad Public School Yugo, Khaplu, Baltistan – Pakistan.

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