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Volunteering with bears in Romania

Many people's love affair with bears starts with their first teddy, and lasts a life time. As one of the world's favourite creatures, it comes as a great surprise that these mighty creatures are often mistreated, hunted and imprisoned for capital gain. You will be helping to protect and care for bears that have been victim of this sad abuse in the beautiful setting of the Romanian mountains. For years bears in Romania have been trophy-hunted, forced to dance in the streets and trapped in cages outside restaurants. Kept in cruelly cramped conditions and regularly abused by their owners, these bears are now being rescued and brought to Romania's largest bear sanctuary, just outside ...Read more >
From £1,045 excluding flights

Volunteer with monkeys in South Africa

This primate rehabilitation center in South Africa needs your help to care for orphaned baboons and monkeys. Each year, many baby primates are found injured and orphaned following on from encounters with humans, such as car accidents and hunting. Your role will be to help nurse these babies back to health and prepare them for life in the wild. Set up in 1994, this highly-respected rehabilitation center provides a temporary home for primates. The whole rehabilitation process can take up to 4 years, and there are currently 400 primates in various stages, from those that have recently been rescued to those who are ready to be released. What will I be doing? You will become an important ...Read more >
From £769 excluding flights

Women’s empowerment volunteering in Nepal

Pokhara, a beautiful lakeside city, is the setting for this worthwhile volunteering project. Driven entirely by the women that the project serves, volunteers get involved with workshops that can help local Nepali women develop new skills and confidence. Why volunteer? Many women, particularly in rural Nepal, do not have access to education. The lack of education means that many women have limited career prospects. This project aims to address the educational disadvantages and to provide women with opportunities to learn basic conversational English and maths. Volunteers also work together to provide workshops on a range of topics, such as preventative healthcare, entrepreneurial ...Read more >
From US $1,943 excluding flights

Family volunteering with bears in Romania

Combine volunteering at a bear sanctuary with a family vacation on this unique project in Romania. Volunteer with your family in a bear sanctuary which provides a home to over 100 abused bears. For many years, bears in Romania have been forced to dance in the streets, trophy-hunted and trapped in cages outside restaurants. Existing in cruelly cramped conditions and regularly abused by their owners, these bears have now been rescued and brought to this inspiring sanctuary on the outskirts of Brasov. Volunteers have been helping at the bear sanctuary ever since its creation in 2006. The sanctuary is now home to over 100 bears. This is a safe haven for them, with densely forested enclosures ...Read more >
From £925 excluding flights

Medical internship in India

Situated in lively south Delhi, on this medical internship in India you will be working in a major hospital with 150 beds, being taught by some of the world's best doctors and nurses and gaining a fantastic insight into the country's medical system. If you already have a medical qualification or are studying medicine. nursing or physiotherapy, this internship provides you with a great opportunity to shadow and observe professionals and boost your medical CV. You will be assigned to a specific doctor or nurse within your chosen departments. We ask that you choose 3/4 departments to rotate around prior to arrival. Usually working 5 days a week, you will leave with a real understanding of ...Read more >
From US $1,343 excluding flights

New Zealand conservation volunteering

This project is for volunteers who are passionate about protecting the planet, itching to travel, but also wanting to get off the beaten track in New Zealand. Meet inspiring locals, other enthusiastic volunteers from around the world and make a genuine contribution to environmental conservation. New Zealand is one of world’s most unique set of islands for biodiversity and a range of stunning landscapes. By taking part in this valuable conservation project, you can help to combat issues such as coastal erosion, the introduction of foreign flora and fauna and the detrimental effects of drought and pollution. When volunteering you have the chance to work in urban, regional and very remote ...Read more >
From £699 excluding flights

Volunteer with bears in Borneo

Volunteer at a sun bear rescue and rehabilitation center in Borneo to help bring the world's smallest bear back to the wild - and to keep this species alive. Often considered to be the “cutest” bear in the world due to its size, the tiny sun bear is sadly threatened with extinction thanks to habitat loss and captivity. Sun bears are often taken illegally from the wild at a young age to be imprisoned as pets. As they grow older and more wild, they create havoc in homes and are chained and beaten. Rescued from this cruel captivity, they now have the opportunity to start a new life living in freedom at this inspiring sanctuary. Become a part of this incredible journey of rescue and ...Read more >
From £1,099 excluding flights

Medical internships in India for 16-18 year olds

Head to India, with a group of like-minded pre-medical students, and learn what life is like in an international hospital in the heart of the city. Lead by an experienced UK leader, you will also get to take part in cultural activities and take part in the Golden Triangle tour. Each week, the group will receive cooking lessons and lectures on the Indian medical system and culture. Interns receive a full orientation on arrival and receive 2 lectures during their time in India, which covers aspects of Indian culture. Participants will work alongside permanent staff, forming close bonds and getting an insight into real life in India. Read more >
From £1,880 excluding flights

Volunteer with elephants in South Africa, 1 week

Take the perfect vacation with a difference on this elephant volunteer experience. Ideal for animal lovers who are short of time, this elephant experience allows you to work closely with elephants for just one week. Since 2010, this elephant project has been receiving volunteers to help with their elephants for durations of 3 - 12 weeks. Sadly, this has meant that we have had to turn away many volunteers who are desperate to work with elephants, but who have limited availability. The one week elephant experience has been created so that people no longer have to miss out. The experience works alongside longterm volunteers and full-time members of staff. You will gain a valuable insight into ...Read more >
From £895 excluding flights

Volunteering in Portugal, fight food waste

Lisbon is a brilliant city to visit, and full of restaurants. But what about living here? What the average tourist doesn’t see is what goes to waste at the end of every day from the city’s bars, restaurants and cafes. This project supports 500 homeless people in Portugal’s capital by supplying them with meals, and fights food waste. Overall, the project feeds 2,000 people. As a volunteer, you’re expected to work various weekday shifts for around four hours a day. You'll travel around the city picking up food donations from supermarkets, schools and restaurants; food that is unsellable but still perfectly edible. Next you and your team will sort and prepare the food, making packages for ...Read more >
From £1,150 excluding flights

Volunteer at a lion sanctuary in South Africa

Play an active role in caring for displaced and abused lions, tigers and leopards by volunteering at this lion sanctuary in South Africa. Working alongside a members of leading animal welfare charity, you will be monitoring, researching and caring for over 100 lions, leopards and tigers. From food preparation and feeding, to behaviour monitoring and enrichment assistance, you’ll soon become a big cat expert. About the sanctuary Run by an international animal welfare charity, the sanctuary has worked hard to rescue big cats from the hands of hunters, or from cramped and neglected conditions in zoos. Some of the lions arrived in a terrible state after being used as money-making tourist ...Read more >
From £1,495 excluding flights

Wildlife conservation in Borneo

By volunteering on a wildlife conservation project in Borneo, you will discover one of the most beautiful and undiscovered pockets of the island, stepping off the beaten track and into the heart of an important conservation area. Help to conserve a proliferation of wildlife including orangutans, pygmy elephants, proboscis monkeys, macaques, singing gibbons and sun bears – not to mention the birds! –through protecting and regenerating their jungle environment. Habitat destruction has led to a rapid decline in many of Borneo's species. This inspiring project helps in a twofold way: 1) Planting trees to regenerate the jungle. Increased jungle coverage means that more creatures can live and ...Read more >
From £1,285 excluding flights

Volunteer with horses in Portugal

Horses and humans have a bond which dates back over many generations. In the dim and distant past of the western world, horses were used primarily for transport whereas today they can be a well-loved part of the family or even used to provide therapy for those who have suffered trauma. This fascinating project uses horses to help people with both physical and mental challenges to overcome these issues, regain confidence, improve communication and social skills, and learn to trust. This project is all about using the unique relationship between horse and human as a force for good. Based in hills outside the UNESCO world heritage city of Porto, the project was founded in a deprived community ...Read more >
From £1,089 excluding flights

Nepal teacher volunteering

Head to Pokhara, the second largest city in Nepal, and volunteer with children in a local school. The location of this project is spectacular, situated on the lakeside. The project will enable you to assist in a school, helping children to develop new skills and improve their conversational English. Why volunteer? Many rural schools on the outskirts of Pokhara, in small villages such as Pame, are underfunded and under-resourced. This projects aims to support local teachers and volunteers work as teaching assistants, helping young children to develop conversational English, which is essential for broadening their future career prospects. The curriculum in Nepal is very much based on the ...Read more >
From US $2,543 excluding flights

Online volunteering to support charities in Portugal

Embrace an alternative type of trip as you travel virtually to Portugal to help charities in need. This project was created as a response to the coronavirus pandemic when charities found themselves unable to continue achieving their aims without the help of international volunteers. We are passionate that volunteers can still help out and travel virtually to do so. Volunteering from home, you will receive all of the joys of lending a hand but with ultimate flexibility. You will be partnered with a charity which aims to improve the lives of humans or animals, working in the fields of poverty, supporting vulnerable people, caring for the environment or tackling hunger and homelessness. As ...Read more >
From £495 excluding flights

Marine Conservation in Portugal

Each year, over 640,000 tonnes of fishing gear is left in our oceans - killing more than 130,000 seals, whales and dolphins annually. In addition to that, plastic and other rubbish is dumped by humans in our waterways, eventually finding its way to the sea. Join a passionate group of divers who go out every day to remove debris from the ocean around Lisbon. Volunteers complete one dive per day to remove fishing gear, plastics, household items and other rubbish which makes its way to the sea bed and reef. To date, almost 3000kg of waste has been removed from the sea, and the divers are seeing an increase in biodiversity in the areas that they have cleared so far. Every participant will ...Read more >
From £1,379 excluding flights

Online volunteering to support charities in Spain

Embrace an alternative vacation as you travel virtually to Spain to help charities in desperate need of help. This online volunteering project was established as a response to the coronavirus pandemic when charities found themselves unable to achieve their aims as usual without the help of international volunteers. It is so important to us that charities can remain functioning, and this was adapted to be through remote volunteering. Following on from its success, we are continuing this project indefinitely. Volunteering from the comfort of your own home, you will receive all of the joys of lending a helping hand but with complete flexibility. Partnered with a charity which aims to improve ...Read more >
From £495 excluding flights

Online Sri Lankan elephant research and conservation course

Embrace the future and embark upon a virtual travel adventure. The reasons for traveling in this way are numerous, including: - the environmental benefits of not jumping on a plane - fantastic opportunity to gain real conservation experience for everyone - fit it in with your day to day life - no need to take annual leave - work with local people to achieve their essential goals - receive a discount if you choose to go on to volunteer overseas How can I help to conserve elephants in Sri Lanka remotely? This project was initially established to support a multiple award winning conservation charity through the coronavirus period. In normal times, the charity receives international ...Read more >
From £309 excluding flights

Teaching assistant volunteering in South Africa

Become a part of the education system in South Africa, supporting teachers in under-privileged areas to teach children English. You will be working in some of Port Elizabeth's poorest townships, helping the teachers around the classrooms and working in small groups to improve the children's English. The kids here are motivated to get a good education, and the presence of an English speaking volunteer stands them in very good stead for later life. You can become part of extra curricular activities as well, such as music lessons, after school clubs and sports sessions. There is very little money within the schools here, and often teachers are working with large groups with limited ...Read more >
From £1,350 excluding flights

Elephant conservation vacation in Sri Lanka

Volunteer with elephants on the stunning island of Sri Lanka, helping to promote their survival in the wild. Witness their intelligence and beauty first hand, all whilst working to conserve this dwindling species for future generations. You will become part of the work of a multiple award-winning charity working alongside local scientists and conservationists. You will be helping with tracking where the elephants go and what they do, whilst also monitoring and identifying them. There are a great variety of tasks to be getting involved in here. You will mainly be helping with monitoring ellies, taking photographs, assessing elephant presence in the jungle and taking surveys. This is an ...Read more >
From £1,180 excluding flights
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