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Wildlife vacation in Central India

India wildlife tours are an amazing treat for nature lovers and for anyone else with a passing interest in adventure as they conjure up an incredible variety of experiences, least of all the chance to spot tigers, leopards, sloth bears, bison and crocodiles within a range of stunning environments. As this particular 12 day India wildlife tour is exclusive you'll be able to take advantage of an array of luxury safari camp accommodation, with the tiger reserves of Kanha, Bandhavgarh and Pench all providing some exquisite scenes to accompany a range of comfortable facilities. Aside from the wildlife tours, India is blessed with a bounty of ancient sites of interest with the UNESCO listed ...Read more >
From Rupee 248,000 including domestic flights only

Chhattisgarh to Orissa tour in India, tribes and villages

This incredibly unique two week tour from Chhattisgarh to Orissa takes travelers on a tailor made journey into the tribes and villages of central India where the lesser-known, but nonetheless important, traditions and customs of local communities reveal fascinating cultural insight. Discover sections of India’s society that casual tourists rarely get to witness as you meet the tribes living within the market villages situated between Chhattisgarh to Orissa including the Baiga, Maria, Dhurwa, Kondh, Paraja and Koraput. As this two week Chhattisgarh to Orissa tour in India progresses you’ll be invited into the colourful market places, tribal guest houses and royal palaces found throughout ...Read more >
From £1,700 excluding flights

Central India vacation, culture and wildlife

Anyone looking for tours in India should certainly take a peek at this fantastic 16 day experience that encapsulates the cultural heritage and remarkable history of this exciting country as well as concentrating on wildlife watching every step of the journey. From the world-renowned reflections of Agra's Taj Mahal to the Islamic influence abound in Bhopal, tour India and you'll quickly become versed in just what it means to be a multi-cultural society where religion and spirituality are at the forefront of everyday life. Moving on from the Muslim heritage, lakeside scenery and wonderful Mughlai dishes of Bhopal, this tour of India continues to Sanchi's Great Stupa where Buddhism comes to ...Read more >
From Rupee 249,000 excluding flights

India bird watching vacation & Taj Mahal

This nine day tailor made tour should be on every twitcher’s wish list. Not only will you get your binoculars out in some of Central India’s bird abundant wetlands and forests but you’ll also get to experience morning and evening game drives in Ranthambore National Park. The lakes of Ranthambore attract an abundance of indigenous and migratory birds as well as providing watering holes for resident big cats, gazelle, hyena, deer, antelope, nilgai and monkeys. The wildlife sanctuaries of Bharatpur and Chambal also provide travelers with endless opportunities to watch birds in their natural environment. National Chambal Sanctuary, alone, has almost 300 bird species alongside gharials, aka: ...Read more >
From Rupee 165,000 excluding flights

Tiger & wildlife tour in Central India

If you're hankering for a spot of excitement and you've always fancied the thought of a tiger safari, India is fast-becoming one of the world's most important countries to spot these noble creatures within their natural environment. Of course, tiger safaris in India don't just focus upon tracking Shere Khan at the cost of all else. There's a huge range of wildlife on display within India's protected nature reserves with wild dogs, leopards, swamp deer and a vast array of indigenous and visiting bird species adding to the obvious adventure of spotting a tiger stalking through the undergrowth. Overnight accommodation on this ten day India tiger safari adheres to strict environmental ...Read more >
From Rupee 156,000 including domestic flights only

Snow leopard expedition in Ladakh, India

Snow leopard, Shan (called locally), grey ghost of the Himalayas are a few names of this very elusive cat species. Snow leopards are one of the challenging creatures to track given its elusive behavior, the weather condition, the rugged terrain and the vast area. These rare, beautiful leopards inhabit the entire Himalayan range and Hemis National Park in the Ladakh region of northern India is probably one of the best places to see them in wild. The tour gives you once in a life time opportunity to see a wild snow leopard in its Himalayan abode. The Snow Leopard Expedition is a rare and unique journey into India’s Trans-Himalayan region of Ladakh. Our expedition visits two of the world’s ...Read more >
From Rupee 220,000 excluding flights

Central India vacation, journey through Chhattisgarh

This fascinating two week tour of Chhattisgarh in Central India takes you well off the tourist trail in the company of English-speaking local experts. Experience ancient cities, wildlife sanctuaries, holy shrines, and authentic tribal markets as you embark on a journey that invites you into the unknown, and beyond. From the protected surrounds of Achanakmar Tiger Reserve and Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary, you’ll be promised every opportunity to observe Indian animals in their natural habitat. Your first glimpse of a big cat or a giant squirrel in the wild is not something that you’re going to forget in a hurry. Additional visits to tribal villages provide enlightenment of a cultural kind ...Read more >
From Rupee 165,000 excluding flights

Cycling vacation in the Maikal Hills, Central India

This nine day tailor made cycle tour of Central India allows for a truly unique traveling experience in regions, thankfully, untouched by mass tourism. The absolutely gorgeous Maikal Hills provide the backdrop to the vacation with swathes of forests and jungles adding to the excitement of game drives in local tiger reserves, such as Kanha. The Maikal Hills are home to untold indigenous Indian animals with overnight camping sites and village homestays increasing access to some wonderfully wild locations. Cycling to the tribal villages of the Baiga and Gond people invites authentic cultural introductions as well as enjoyable evenings, out of the saddle, listening to the sounds of the ...Read more >
From Rupee 97,000 excluding flights

Tiger and wildlife photography tour, India

The tour will take you to the two best national parks in the world to see wild tigers and other animals. The main objective is to provide maximum chances to encounter regal feline but you can also see animals such as leopard, sloth bear, Asiatic wild dog, jungle cat and gaur (world’s biggest wild cattle) along with various species of deer and multitude of birds. Bandhavgarh, infused with history and highest density of tigers in the world, makes the perfect destination to see tigers. Kanha with its moist deciduous forest had rich biodiversity offers a good chance not only to see tiger and other animals but also various species of birds. Safaris will be conducted twice daily in open 4x4 ...Read more >
From Rupee 200,000 including domestic flights only

Satpura Reserve Tiger safari in india

This wonderful week in India takes you through the forest-covered mountain slopes of Satpura Reserve and into the realm of the tiger. From walking and camping safaris to open 4x4 vehicles and canoe excursions around the back waters of Tawa Reservoir, this tailor made tour provides every opportunity to observe the wild animals of India in their natural environment. The foothills of the Satpura Mountains make for a breathtaking backdrop to daily guided walking tours with steep valleys, towering gorges and tumbling waterfalls all adding to the enchantment of India. Walking along the banks of the Denwa River takes you to free afternoons and overnight campsites whilst inside Satpura Tiger ...Read more >
From Rupee 185,000 excluding flights

Birdwatching in India

Northern India is teeming with an amazing collection of native and migratory birds. From the floodplains of the Ganges to the forested foothills of the Himalayas, this two week tailor made tour intends to focus on feathers and allow travelers to experience some of India’s finest bird abundant sites. Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary provides an incredible starting point for twitching to commence with over 350 different species of birds known to inhabit the wetlands and slopes of the western Himalayas at Sat Tal (the Seven Lakes) and surrounding the remote mountain village of Pangot. In close proximity to the Keoladeo sanctuary can be found the clean and clear waters of the Chambal River which ...Read more >
From Rupee 227,500 excluding flights

Central India cultural and wildlife tour, tigers & tribes

Follow in the metaphorical footsteps of Mowgli and Shere Khan as you pad through the forest trails of Kanha and Pench national parks, in Central India. The setting for Kipling’s best known work provides an extremely exciting backdrop to this off the beaten track tour with wildlife watching and tribal encounters conjuring a naturally rich and culturally varied itinerary. Visiting local Baiga villages within the Maikal Hills provides a thoroughly intriguing glimpse at life in the jungle but from an interactive point of view rather than a voyeuristic alternative. You’ll be introduced to local tribe members as well as visiting weekly markets on a guided tour of Bhoramdeo, which is also ...Read more >
From Rupee 130,000 including domestic flights only

Central India tour

Take a grand tour of Central India as you embark on a two week journey from Delhi to the ancient city of Maheshwar via road, plane and overnight train. This tour is for travelers who enjoy the finer things in life with luxurious heritage hotels and palatial accommodation combining wonderfully well with the architectural treasures of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. The grand heritage hotel in Agra is a prime example and also allows easy access to the irrepressible Mughal monument, the Taj Mahal. Following on from Agra you’ll be invited into a 17th century palace in Gwalior prior to traveling to the ancient ruins of Orccha and visiting the ornate temple carvings of Khajuraho. Swapping ...Read more >
From £3,350 excluding flights

Central India vacation, trekking and culture

This tailor made week in Central India provides a chance to get to know the region from an insider’s perspective. Experiencing and becoming immersed in rural life is definitely the best way to escape the tourist crowds and really get to know the people that live in the beautiful jungle villages. The variety of guided hiking and comfortable tented camping conjures every opportunity to become one with the land. And the realm of Kanha National Park offers ample excuses for an array of authentic and exciting adventures. Everywhere you go you’ll be invited into the homes of tribal people for tea, biscuits and a chat as well as pausing for picnics and organised lunches in woodland groves or ...Read more >
From £900 excluding flights

Tiger and Kerala beaches tour in India

This vacation is a blend of wildlife adventure in central India with a relaxing vacation on the backwaters of Kerala in south India. Bandhavgarh, Kanha and Pench are the three best national parks in the world to see wild tigers and other animals. Bandhavgarh, infused with history and highest density of tigers in the world. Kanha with its moist deciduous forest has rich biodiversity of mammals and birds. Pench is the original setting of The Jungle book with thriving tiger and wild dog population. Next leg of your journey will take you to Kerala where you will visit the mountains of Munnar to see spice gardens and tea plantations. Move next to inland waterways of Alleppy to experience a ...Read more >
From Rupee 182,000 excluding flights
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