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Argentina & Chile Patagonia vacation

A trip to explore the Lake region of both Argentina and Chile. This circuit stretches west to east and back along the Andes, exploring primary forests, lakes and natural hot springs. There are some fabulous drives across the Andes, both by lake and overland. Available outdoor activities include bike, white water rafting, hiking and climbing snow-capped volcanoes. Your journey begins in the Chilean Lake Distric with a car rental. Set off to discover numerous national parks and active volcanoes. The winding scenic roads of the Lake District will offer a beautiful setting to your self-driving experience. Once in Argentina, you will drive along the famous Seven Lakes Route, zigzagging along ...Read more >
From £1,550 excluding flights

Chile vacation, 21 days south to north

Chile is diverse, both ethnically and geographically, and its many natural wonders, amazing landscapes and warm people are not to be rushed. So this Chile vacation allows 21 days to journey from south to north, to fully appreciate this spectacular country. This is a self guided adventure, so you’ll be traveling independently, discovering Chile on your own terms. Transport is via a mix of private transfers, internal flights and self driving. Throughout, you are fully supported by a road book, which contains all the information you’ll need for the trip to run smoothly. We also provide a mobile phone, so you can contact us 24 hours a day and friendly hosts and homestay families will be waiting ...Read more >
From £3,399 including domestic flights only

North west Argentina vacation, tailor made

A perfect compromise between culture, outdoor activities and breath-taking landscapes. A human adventure to discover the Kolla culture. Participate directly in agricultural tasks, cooking traditional meals or handcraft work. An outstanding diversity of landscapes across three different ecosystems: The Humahuaca Valley and its coloured mountains speckled with giant cacti and small quaint villages, declared World Heritage (UNESCO, 2002). The Puna, a dry high plateau in the Andes, a land of salt lakes where only few animals like vicunas, lamas or chinchillas can survive. Finally, the Yungas, high subtropical forest, protected as a Biosphere reserve (UNESCO), home to an exceptional biodiversity ...Read more >
From £2,699 including domestic flights only

Atacama Desert vacation in Chile and Bolivia

This Chile and Bolivia vacation is a tailor made vacation that enables you to take in both of these magnificent South American countries, as well as many of their contrasting and colossal sites of natural heritage. One of the most magnificent features of this carefully crafted itinerary is the varied and indeed very dramatic landscapes that you will travel through, whether by private transfer, your own car rental or on a regional flight. In both countries you will ascend from sea level to around 4900m, with the Altiplano that stretches through Chile and Bolivia having an average elevation of 3,750m. This is the widest plain within the Andes mountain range and you will be traveling through ...Read more >
From £1,999 per accommodation

Grand tour of Patagonia vacation

This is a journey to the extreme territories of Patagonia, both in Argentina and Chile. In this full itinerary you will be able to visit the capital city of Buenos Aires and meet the wildlife of Peninsula de Valdes, with an overnight stay in the suggestive lighthouse of Punta Delgada. Time to drive along the Chubut valley, you will be surprised by the importance of the local Welsh community. The winding scenic roads of the Lake District will offer a beautiful setting to your self-driving experience. Once in Chile, with a border crossing through the Andes, you will drive to Puerto Varas, surrounded by glacier lakes, green forests and snow-capped volcanoes. Finally, visit the two most visited ...Read more >
From £4,899 including domestic flights only

Andes and Iguazu Falls vacatiion in Argentina

This magnificent Argentina vacation is a tailor made trip that takes in the natural and cultural wonders of the country, the two greatest being the Andes and Iguazu Falls. Not forgetting the immense Altiplano. Starting and ending in Buenos Aires, with three domestic flights to help speed up your journey around this enormous country, you will visit a wide array of contrasting sites along the way. Starting in Salta in the northwest, this town is in the foothills of the Andes Mountains and a great place to get to grips with the vast size of landscapes in Argentina. Drive from here into the Andes Cordillera to explore remote villages, the Seven Colours Mountains of the Humahuaca Valley and ...Read more >
From £2,250 including domestic flights only

Chile, Argentina and Bolivia vacation, independent travel

A journey to appreciate three beautiful Andean countries in total freedom. Discover the finest salt flats and the most picturesque villages of North Chile and Argentina. Let the imposing and vast landscape of Bolivia’s southern Altiplano inspire you. Take some time to talk to the locals, know their stories and traditions. Taste the flavours of these regions and the wines of the Cordillera, experience the pure air and vastness of the Altiplano. You will come across a great variety of native fauna and flora: flamingos, vicunas, llamas, alpacas, condors, vizcachas and cacti of all types. This trip can be tailored to suit your needs. Highlights: • Visit three awe-inspiring salt flats: ...Read more >
From £2,200 including domestic flights only

Patagonian glaciers vacation with ice trekking

Live an unforgettable experience in full contact with nature, visiting some of the mythic mountains and glaciers of Patagonia. In the National Park of Los Glaciares you can see, photograph, and even trek on different glaciers. Perito Moreno Glacier remains one of the most dynamic in the world. You will hear the creaking and rumbling of the ice as it cracks and advances. If you are lucky you will witness a large chunk of ice cracking off and crashing into the chilly waters of Lake Argentino. A great opportunity to actively experience this incredible environment, we recommend you activities like ice hiking and kayaking. This trip can be tailored to suit your needs. Highlights: • Discover ...Read more >
From £1,999 including domestic flights only

North East Argentina vacation

This Argentina vacation is a journey around some of the natural heritage highlights in the north west of the country, traveling on a tailor made itinerary for nearly two weeks. During this trip you will get a chance to explore some of the country’s most stunning landscapes which vary from the rich jungles which are home to the indigenous Guarani people, to the great waterfalls of Iguazu and Mocona. Wildlife enthusiasts will love northern Argentina, especially the rainforest regions which are home to the most exquisite birdlife and flora. As well as monkeys and caimans, some of which you will discover on guided hikes around the rainforests. The lagoons of Ibera, one of South America’s ...Read more >
From £1,795 including domestic flights only

Patagonia national parks vacation

This Patagonia National Parks vacation is a 14 day self guided adventure through this remote and spectacular part of South America. Discover its dramatic mountains, glaciers and wildlife and stay in friendly local hotels and mountain refuges. You’ll visit the National Parks of Los Glaciares in Argentina and Torres del Paine in Chile, both given World Heritage Site status thanks to their breathtaking beauty. Here, you can hike through dramatic landscapes where jagged granite peaks tower above lakes, glaciers and icebergs. This two week break is full of highlights, including the famously scenic Route 40 from El Calafate to El Chalten, the dramatic Perito Moreno Glacier, which calves massive ...Read more >
From £2,029 including domestic flights only

Patagonia wilderness vacation, journey to Ushuaia

Land of mysteries and legends, Patagonia takes you to a surreal and magnificent landscape of peaks, glaciers, lakes, rivers and fjords. Explore Patagonia’s stunning wilderness all the way to Ushuaia, at the end of the world! Argentina: The National Park of Los Glaciares has 80% of its surface covered in ice (glaciers). Only the high peaks of granite have resisted and continue their fight against the erosion from ice. The result is a variety of incredible shapes. The National Park of Tierra del Fuego, alias the Land of Fire, is one of the southernmost national parks in the world. Chile: The National Park of Torres del Paine is a region of great beauty and amazing geology, remarkable for ...Read more >
From £2,189 excluding flights

Self drive Patagonia vacation including Mapuche culture

This 18 day tailor made, self drive Patagonia vacation comes with a car rental so that you can take off and enjoy the vast wilderness wonders at your own pace, but following our carefully crafted itinerary. This vacation will not only take you through our snow-capped volcanoes, up to exquisite, elevated lakes and Araucaria forests, and down to coastal villages but also to meet with indigenous Mapuche communities along the way. Patagonia is the ancestral home of the indigenous Mapuche people, who have lived on this land for centuries. Land is sacred to these people, and indeed they are known as ‘people of the land’ locally because their connection with nature and the environment is innate. ...Read more >
From £2,299 including domestic flights only
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