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Cyclades islands sailing vacations in Greece

Surrender to your dreams of sailing through the renowned enchanting Greek islands on this superb Sailing Adventure to the Cyclades islands! Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Mediterranean, as you cruise on turquoise waters, exploring the magic of ancient sites and the charm of traditional Cycladic villages. Bask in the warm sun, taste fresh Greek food and absorb the rich culture that permeates these iconic islands. This eight-day sailing adventure, promises an unparalleled Greek island-hopping experience, unveiling the diverse character of each destination. From laidback, non-touristy islands like Kythnos, Serifos and Kimolos to the aristocratic island of Sifnos and the volcanic ...Read more >
From 2,300 excluding flights

Hiking vacations in Kythnos island, Greece

Discover the charm of Kythnos, a distinguished Greek island, that offers a unique escape from the tourist crowds. Despite being among the first islands to be reached by ferry from Athens, Kythnos remains an unexplored paradise, a true gem in the Cyclades islands. With traditional villages adorned in Cycladic architecture, a superb coastline featuring over 90 beaches, a rich history dating back to the Mesolithic era, agricultural fields, hot springs, numerous hiking trails, delicious local cuisine and one of Greece’s largest caves, Kythnos promises an unparalleled experience for those seeking authentic and active vacations on a Greek island. If you crave tranquility, simplicity and ...Read more >
From 600 excluding flights

Cyclades multi activity vacation in Greece

When you think about Greece, images of white – cubed houses, crystal clear deep blue waters, sandy beaches and abundant sunshine most likely come to your mind. Are you seeking an unforgettable island getaway infused with an authentic touch of culture and adventure? If the answer is yes, then this exploration is made for you! Embark on a journey with us to uncover the hidden side of the Cyclades islands - go hiking in ancient paths, explore Santorini’s unique coastline via sea kayaking, ascend to the highest peak of the Cyclades, sail within Santorini’s caldera, indulge in wine tasting, discover traditional villages and Venetian castles, explore monasteries and important archaeological ...Read more >
From 1,590 excluding flights

Greece multi activity vacations

Have you even been to a place, hidden from the most, yet so astonishingly beautiful and magical, that you both want to keep it secret and share it with the world? Have you considered Greece as a destination blessed with wild, rugged mountains, perfect for adventure vacation seekers? Simply join us on our “Wild Mountains & rivers” adventure and begin a journey to uncover the secret beauty of the Greek mainland through a range of exhilarating outdoor activities! You will have the opportunity to explore traditional stone-built villages frozen in time, lush fir forests, alpine landscapes, enchanting lakes and rivers, ancient arch stone bridges, delicious local food and the warm hospitality of ...Read more >
From 1,340 excluding flights

Saronic Gulf sailing vacation in Greece

If you are a sailing enthusiast looking to combine your summer vacations with adventure, culture, history and relaxation in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea, our Saronic Sailing Adventure is perfect for you! Join us on board as we reveal the hidden gems of the Saronic Gulf, immerse you in local cuisine and guide you through the history of significant archaeological sites, like the temple of Aphaea on Aegina Island or Ancient Epidaurus, the sanctuary of god-Asclepius and the most important healing center of the Ancient Greek and Roman world. Experience swimming, snorkeling, hiking, biking and much more, creating unforgettable memories to cherish for years! Our ...Read more >
From 2,180 excluding flights

Sailing and archaeology vacation in Greece

Embark on a captivating, unique, luxury sailing and archaeology adventure that will travel you through the rich tapestry of Greece’s history, blending major archaeological sites with idyllic island exploration. Join us on board and let us sail to where the azure waters of the Mediterranean become a pathway to some of Greece’s most significant archaeological sites, complemented by the sheer beauty of its islands and pristine beaches. Our expert guides will transport you through time and give you a deep insight in the Ancient Greek history. Explore some major UNESCO Heritage sites, such as the iconic Acropolis with the Parthenon, the formidable cyclopean walls of Ancient Mycenae, and the ...Read more >
From 2,600 excluding flights

Hiking in Greece vacation, Zagori & Meteora

Unknown to most of the world, yet so beautiful and unspoiled, Zagori region is the ultimate hiking destination in Greece! Traditional stone made villages, arch stone bridges, alpine mountains, beech forests and lush nature will offer you an unforgettable week-long hiking adventure in North-Western Greece! Plus, do not miss the chance to visit the UNESCO Worldwide Heritage Site of Meteora and follow the hiking trails of the ancient monks! If you are an outdoor enthusiast and love hiking, we invite you to join us on this extraordinary adventure and explore on foot the secret paths of North Pindos National Park (also a UNESCO Geopark) and Meteora. Learn more about the history of the area, ...Read more >
From 1,180 excluding flights
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