Rome to Venice cultural tour in Italy

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Rome to Venice cultural tour in Italy


We tend to promote destinations that undertake initiatives aimed at protecting and improving the natural environment, by visiting these destinations you will support the efforts of the local authorities to engage in environmental projects. For example Perugia has adopted an automated rail system with traction rope to facilitate travel within the city as part of a sustainable mobility project.

We select our accommodation preferring those that have a historic background. By doing this we support our cultural heritage and help the owners to sustain the costs of maintenance and restoration. There are many different types of buildings that can be considered witnesses to our history and cultural heritage, they may be castle, historic residences and also old farms that have all been turned into accommodation for tourists. The buildings are harmoniously set in the surrounding environment that can be either in the countryside, in a village or a town. The upkeep of such buildings is not only expensive, finding and using the suitable materials is necessary in order to avoid changing their characteristic features. The challenge for the people directly involved, namely the owners, and for those who indirectly share their aim is to avoid any type of restoration that is definitely more expensive, time consuming and does not produce the same results as a constant upkeep


We are a local tour operator and we establish partnerships with small businesses like ours in order to support local activities, craftsmen and typical productions. Your visit to a pottery workshop in Perugia, to wineries in Tuscany and Umbria and to an olive mill in Umbria will support traditional work activities in a very competitive globalized environment and the locals will benefit from the positive impact of tourism as a tool to preserve traditions and ancient customs.

Traditional Italian foods have strong links to local agricultural production areas. By visiting small-scale food and wine productions you will help the local economies and the agricultural environment which means indirectly supporting the preservation of natural habitats and the landscape, the safeguarding of the groundwater system and the protection and defense of the local area by their inhabitants. You can support local producers by buying local products at the places that you will be visiting. We provide on request a list of restaurants and shops selling typical local products and we can also arrange menus at selected restaurants to enable travelers to experience a typical local meal with genuine food

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