Cyprus botany vacation

“Join a small group on an easy going eight day nature and history ramble along the coast and around the mountain foothills, forests and villages of northern Cyprus.”


Kyrenia | St. Hilarion Castle | Endemic flower hunting | Korucam and Kantara villages | Bellapais Abbey | Kalkanli's ancient olive groves | Besparmak mountain slopes| Easy going walk in Esentepe forest | Expert guide and professional botanist Christina Hessenberg |

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Responsible tourism

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we screen every trip so you can travel knowing your vacation will help support conservation and local people.

Preserving natural and cultural heritage is part of our mission statement. We take seriously the impact that tourism has on the environment. As most of our customers are nature lovers and responsible travelers, we believe that the more people come to enjoy our tours, the more the local community becomes aware of the potential for responsible tourism and learns how to value and protect the environment, culture and traditions for the future.

As part of this package, our agent gives a briefing to our customers which includes environmental advice. In order to protect flora and fauna, we advise customers to keep to the trail so they don’t damage vegetation; to leave only footprints in the nature; never take any rocks, plants, flowers or cuttings; never to get close to animals but make use of binoculars; take picnics (no fire lighting). Our advise regarding waste is not to leave any rubbish behind and dispose of everything in a proper manner. Also as water on the island is so scarce, we advise them to take short showers and when on the hikes to take refillable bottles and not disposable / plastic ones.

We constantly give environmental tips to the hotels. The waste advice is to use refillable shampoo, soap and lotion containers; choose durable goods such as drinking glasses and coffee cups; durable sheets that do not need constant replacing. On the water saving we advise them to put up signs for sheet and towel replacements so that only when the items are on the floor, they need to be replaced. We encourage suppliers to put an emphasis on fresh, local food, to reduce plastic packaging and save energy. We explain the negative impact of cleaning chemicals. On routine visits (e.g. checking up on the condition of the accommodation), we hold short meetings on the standard of cleanliness we expect and on how to make use of alternative cleaning materials that do not damage the environment.

For our picnics we take reusable plates and cutlery as well as glasses.

The group guide buys 5 litre water bottles from which customers can then refill their small bottles. The big bottles are kept in the bus.

We request bus drivers to turn off the engine while the bus is waiting.

On a day to day basis, in our office, we do not use plastic; scrap paper is used for printing and note taking; envelopes are recycled.

Our team members are heavily involved with Çatalköy‘s Gelistirme ve Kultur Dernegi (CADER) organization, which was the initiator of the north Cyprus children’s conference. This organization won a grant from SAVE (Supporting Activities that Value the Environment) USAID, to implement a campaign to reduce the use of plastic bags in the northern part of Cyprus. Children participating in the initiative performed a dance under the sounds of sombre music. They covered themselves in a massive plastic sheet and got tangled up in it. This signified the suffocation of the planet. They played this in several supermarkets to inform the public against the use of plastic bags. Bags for life were distributed.

USAID sponsored a water saving campaign in North Cyprus - Damlaya damlaya yok olur – Drop by drop it disappears. Members of our team distributed leaflets, stuck magnets and sticky durable notes into restaurants, toilets, bars and supermarkets. It was a massive campaign that lasted several months.

We are a member of Kuskor, the north Cyprus society for the protection of birds. We have been supporting this organization since it was founded.

The Impacts of this Trip

This tour, an absolute delight for botany lovers, takes the customers around the northern part of Cyprus where the best wild flowers are found. The customers will have at their disposal the use of minibus with a local driver. While being taken on tour, they will have lunches at remote areas and as such they will be using services offered by local community in those areas. The logistics of driving have been designed to maximize use of time and minimize driving in order to limit carbon emission and make daily journeys less exhausting.

We are offering a Bed and Breakfast package (upgrades are possible) and hope that by accommodating the customers in the middle of the village, they will make them use local restaurants, bars and minimarkets.

Our tours strongly encourage the local community to value and protect the natural and cultural assets the island possesses. We also believe that our nature loving customers influence on the increase of local awareness for responsible tourism. Various donor organizations have offered small grant schemes where locals would come with ideas to improve objects of value to the community.

Our efforts go to endorsing local events and festivals which promote local culture and help preserve long standing Cypriot traditions. At the same time there is the chance of interaction and communication between the cultures. As part of our customer care, we notify our guests of any events occurring during the period of their stay.


1 Reviews of Cyprus botany vacation

4 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on 24 Mar 2019 by

1. What was the most memorable or exciting part of your vacation?

Seeing English garden plants growing so abundantly in their natural setting

2. What tips would you give other travelers booking this vacation?

It was really helpful to have a Mediterranean flower book for reference in the evening

3. Did you feel that your vacation benefited local people, reduced environmental impacts or supported conservation?

Because the vacation was provided by a local company employing local staff, there was a direct benefit. The guide and the company were very supportive of nature conservation.

4. Finally, how would you rate your vacation overall?

Generally very good, but would have preferred a hotel that was actually in the town or a village so we could have had more experience of the locality

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