North Portugal eco lodge accommodation



Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: North Portugal eco lodge accommodation


This is the land of wolves and wild horses. For many years that we are involved in the conservation of this 2 species. We produce a television documentary of 52 minutes where we tell about the wolf problems and why we should preserve it. We continue to have in the name of all our tours and in all our marketing the
name of the wolf and wild horses for the local people understand that our visitors came because of this species and because of our well conserved nature. We encourage our guests to observe the wild life and write in our wildlife log. The local breed of horse comes from pré-historical times and they are in extinction. To help we need to find a good use for them and rise the money value of them. If we achieve this the local farmers will breed them and the numbers of the species will rise to. We promote this breed all over the world speaking about them and having them in our stables for the riders discover how good they are. We create a special week tour that the guests can came with us to the mountain and observe the wild behaviers of the horses.


In all our meals we chose the local products like the honey or vegetables or jam and ham. We always advise to the guests the best restaurants that use meat from the local free animals like the cows that grase free in the mountain. In all our tours we include visits to local producers. In our garden we create a big pond to receive the rain water that later we use for our vegetable garden that the guests can use to. In all the rebuilding process of our houses we use the local materials as much as we can and we make a very big efford for having our houses well isolated and with that save energy in our heating system. The main heater of the house works on wood that cames from the cleaning of the fields avoiding fire in the forest and spending diesel that is usualy the local main way to heat the houses. The soap in the bathrooms is produce by us with out the normal quimics of the industrial soap.

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