Rural traditional accommodation in Transylvania



Responsible tourism

Rural traditional accommodation in Transylvania

Carbon reduction

Your vacation will help support local people and conservation. We must also reduce CO2. Learn about the CO2 emissions of this vacation and how to reduce them.


Our aim is to help preserve and promote Romanian traditions whilst supporting positive community development, which in turn, helps to protect the natural environment. Prior to our guests’ arrival we ensure that our suppliers, staff and guides are fully informed about our Responsible Travel Policy.

We encourage our guests do a little reading before coming to find out more about the environmental problems in Transylvania: deforestation, pollution of waters, soils and atmosphere, soils degradation, soils erosion.

We provide suggestions on how best to protect the surrounding environment. Guests will receive a pre-trip information pack via e-mail, to minimize the use of paper, which will inform them about issues relating to the place they will travel.

We offer our guests advice about what each of them can do, during their staying, in order to minimize the impact for the environment and offer insights on current regional issues. We give advice on how they can cherish water which we collect during rainy days and filter in order to have it for daily use.


This vacation house is located in a rural area, as all these places have a great respect for the environment. To make sure the money stays where needed we only use local services. Also for every guest this vacation home is an ideal opportunity to spend more time with the locals but also ensure that the financial benefits of your visit reach the people of the area and not some large companies based outside the region.

We actively encourage our guests to buy locally produced foods and handicrafts. We advise guests on local customs as well as help them to break down language barriers. We make suggestions on using locally run businesses, and small family run businesses, (such as restaurants, shops) easily found in Rimetea or Coltesti, small villages in the heart of Apuseni Mountains and 2 minutes from La Motica.

We’re also making financial contributions for every persons who books our vacation home or one of our tours, in the amount of £1 per person to support Saint Daniel’s Foundation programme entitled 'A grand father for a nephew – A nephew for a grandfather', helping elderly and orphans, people most in need.

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