Finland wilderness cabin and activities vacation

1800 per cottage per 4 nights (sleeps 4)
Finland summer, Northern Lights
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Description of Finland wilderness cabin and activities vacation

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Nature recognises what Finland endures during the winter and adds on a hours daylight each summer, allowing the Finns to embrace it like a much loved ...
Northern Lights
Even though we now know what causes them, the lights still retain certain mysteries such as why they are more active around the equinoxes, and exact...

Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) vacation so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


Our goal is to remain a pioneer in sustainable tourism in the region and to build a profitable and sustainable business in cooperation with our partners. Our farm is the first organic EU farm in the region and our forests are FSC certified. In tourism, Green Key certified; sustainability means to us, among other things, that all our cottages are built of wood to store carbon and last a long time. In all our activities, we strive to minimize the impact on the environment, including recycling, not using disposable products and operating in the environment. We invest in cultural, ecological, social and economic sustainability.

In practice, we do environmental work on a daily basis, e.g.
By favoring renewable energy sources
Continuous monitoring of environmental developments and continuous training
Communicating to our visitors about everyday environmental activities such as sorting and water
and energy savings
Using eco-labeled detergents and cleaners
Providing our visitors with alternative forms of exercise instead of a car
By favoring ecologically sustainable materials
Sorting, recycling and refurbishing the old one
Composting biowaste on our own farm environmental projects
Carbon neutral business by 2030
We are committed to monitoring our carbon footprint and measures to reduce it through
continuous improvement.
Reduction of mixed waste by more efficient sorting
We strive to reduce mixed waste by updating sorting instructions and communicating about
sorting effectively. We
are also exploring the area's potential for separate plastic waste collection.
Promoting customers' environmental awareness and practices through effective communication
We are applying for a Sustainability Green Key certificate, which would enable customers to
communicate through it.
We are making environmental guidelines for each cottage, where you can find information on
everyday environmental activities in both Finnish and English.
Rehabilitation of the vacation home environment with an emphasis on sustainable development
and natural values
We are making a plan to update the environment of vacation cottages based on the protection of
the environment
through well-functioning routes and the creation of a comfortable area in the conditions of local
Renovation of cottages
Log cabins have reached an age where their renovation is topical. We reuse and refurbish every
possible material.
Most of the old furniture is still original and usable. We deliver old textiles and furniture that we
cannot recycle ourselves to other parties for recycling.
Effective marketing and communication for sustainable tourism
In our company, we invest in co-operation with other entrepreneurs in the area and in informing
about our service network. Information on hiking trails and environmental services in the
area is made available to visitors, and guidance on the subject is available at the resp.
Water consumption monitoring
We are committed to monitoring water consumption on a seasonal basis and to developing
solutions to further educe its consumption.


In everything we do, we support local producers, restaurants, guides, chefs etc.
All food we serve comes from the nearby farms or other producers.

Whenever there is a need to renovate the premises, we use our local carpenter.
Also other small companies in the area are used whenever help is needed.
Fair wages are offered to everyone who works for any of our projects. This is important part of responsibility.

We work in close collaboration with universities and are offering trainee positions whenever there is an opportunity for this.

We promote local cultural attractions such as Koli National Park, Darkness Observation Center by arranging day trips for our clients. Close collaboration in marketing helps us all.

Also we have a collaboration with local photographers. We can arrange photo shooting courses for Northern Lights or local wildlife.

Local yoga teachers can be arranged for yoga lessons in the forest. This is an ultimate form of mindfulness and the closest place to nature one can get.

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