Wild Taiga bed and breakfast, Finland

“A cosy cottage in the heart of the Wild Taiga, sleeping 1-7 people in three rooms. Perfect for wildlife watching vacations or hiking the UKK Trail. Owned by wildlife experts. Three ensuite rooms and a yurt sauna. ”


Wild Taiga accommodation | Lentiira Lake, Kuhmo |Start of UKK Hiking trail | Excellent fishing | Canoeing | Wildlife photography in Finland’s wilderness | Pet friendly accommodation | No TV but Wifi | Yurt sauna


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Responsible tourism

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we screen every trip so you can travel knowing your vacation will help support conservation and local people.

In our area, Lentiira, situated in the region of Kainuu, Wild taiga, we have a beautiful and precious environment of boreal forest. Some rare animals as wolverine, the forest reindeer, flying squirrel, brown bears and wolves are living here. We encourage guests to get a better understanding of wildlife and to respect our environment and the wildlife living in it.

Our guided tours respect a safety distance from animals to observe them without disturbing them.

We have a code of conduct for our wildlife safaris and night in hides.

Our guides are qualified and experiences in wildlife and wilderness experiences.

We pratice recycling as well as at the village of Lentiira, we try to diminuate waste and use of water. We improve the isolation of the house to diminuate the heat lost and the use of electricity.The owner has participated at the elaboration of the climat change strategia of the Kainuu Region as a representative family. During 6 month about, the use of energy, waste quantity, traveling and food habits have been studied to see the modifications after to have got more information on how to change our way of living to improve the climat changes.
We pick up berries and mushrooms in a sustainable way.

We plan our routes and programs to maximise the wildlife observation but minimize as much as possible animals disturbants and the use of the vehicule. We cooperate with others local compagnies exemple: join guest on transfer airport.

We help wildlife management by installation on nesting boxes for birds (owls, goldeneyes) and feeding places and work with wildlife researchers. Our compagny will refund 1 euro per client to wildlife protection association (in France, FERUS, in Spain FAPAS, Fund for protection on wild animals).

The Impacts of this Trip

The village of Lentiira, where we are based, has about 100 inhabitants. We have a village association and we have been part of the council of the association from 2007-2011. The owner of the B&B is involved in the village development, she participed to create a local and rural development projet with the local people. Project was helping locals to understand the environmental and cultural value of the villages, local tourisms, to improve network between local people and to organise local events.

Our company works with local people and neighbours. We help neighbours and the village to improve their environment and to restore old buildings (voluntary work, look for finance for bigger projects). The guest are encouraged to visit the cultural and natural sights of the village, like the beautiful church or the tar making place.

We use the local shops and buy products from local people (berry juice, fish from the nearby lakes) or make our own production. Since 18 years, we are active in local nature protection association and organise small events for different public (nest boxes building, guided trips, bird watching, nature experience trail for children).

We are participating in numerous voluntary work for different local organisations. We work with other tourism companies to improve the local development and to create a good network. We enjoy to work together in the our area.

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