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Kamchatka and Chukotka wildlife cruises, Russia

Russia’s eastern seaboard dominates the North Pacific – yet few people know anything about this region, and fewer still have experienced it in person. However, its isolation, inaccessibility and obscurity have contributed to protecting one of its most valuable assets: its wildlife. As the closest part of Russia to the USA, Kamchatka and Chukotka were seen as a ‘frontier zone’ during the Cold War. Foreigners were forbidden access, and Russians had to request special permission. While these rules were lifted following Perestroika in the early 1990s, in reality it was no easier to gain access to Russia’s far east. Today, with the collapse of the state-subsidised transport system, the ...Read more >
From US $13,950 excluding flights

New Zealands Subantarctic Islands cruise

These remote specks of land, peeking out of the waves far below New Zealand, have been coined the ‘Galapagos of the Southern Ocean’ – and with good reason. Our 13-day expedition cruise aboard the Spirit of Enderby takes you to the Snares, Auckland, Campbell and Macquarie Island groups to discover the incredible and unique biodiversity that few people will ever witness. The islands are all UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and are protected by the governments of Australia and New Zealand in recognition of their value as wildlife refuges. This conservation status is hugely important – as the only dry land for many miles, they provide important nesting, feeding and breeding grounds for seabirds, ...Read more >
From US $8,450 excluding flights

Melanesia cruise, history and wildlife cruise

Join acclaimed author, scientist and explorer Professor Tim Flannery as we sail into a world few ever experience. The 2017 Australian of the Year will join as a special guide as we explore the rich history, cultures and wildlife of Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu on this 17-day authentic expedition cruise. Visit idyllic islands and isolated villages where unique time-honoured traditions and elaborately costumed dancers welcome us into their world. From the culturally rich arterial of the Sepik River we sail across the Bismarck Sea exploring remote shores and villages still living traditional lifestyles, and delve into the history, culture and wildlife of New Ireland and ...Read more >
From US $9,445 including domestic flights only

New Zealand Fiordland & Stewart Island cruising expedition

Explore remote parts of New Zealand's Southern region, an area known for its diverse range of wildlife and jaw-dropping scenery, and discover the real Fiordland and Stewart Island. Discover the time-forgot rawness of wildlife rich Stewart and Ulva Islands before exploring the primordial majesty of Fiordland only accessible by expedition ship, and the rare opportunity to combine these iconic destinations on one voyage. Rich in history and wildlife, Stewart and Ulva Islands are home to a unique range of birdlife including Bellbird, Tui, Kaka, Tomtit, Rifleman, Stewart Island Robin, Saddleback, Mohua and of course, the Stewart Island Brown Kiwi. There will be opportunities to listen to the ...Read more >
From US $3,495 excluding flights

New Zealand wildest Island cruise, inc Stewart Island

Heritage Expeditions pioneered expedition cruising in 1985 by cruising the rugged and unique southern coastline of New Zealand's South Island, including Fiordland and Stewart Island. From those first days exploring the wilderness from their tiny yacht base with just five travelers aboard, the Russ family realised their dream that responsible tourism, enacted in a genuine and responsible way in conjunction with local government, had the ability to assist in the protection of vulnerable areas. From there, Heritage Expeditions grew to escorting 50 conservation minded passengers per expedition to the world's most special regions but our passion for New Zealand's wilderness never ...Read more >
From US $7,995 excluding flights

Wildlife Cruise of New Zealand Subantarctic Islands

New Zealand’s Subantarctic islands are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, in recognition of the remarkable vegetation and wildlife that inhabits them. Uninhabited and remote, just a few hundred visitors are permitted to set foot on the islands each year in order to conserve their unique biodiversity. On this eight-day wildlife cruise of the Subantarctic Islands, the expedition ship the Spirit of Enderby transports you to some of the most remote scraps of land on earth. Departing from New Zealand’s southern tip, our first port of call is the Snares Islands. Enormous colonies of Snares crested penguins gather along the islands’ rugged coastlines, the only place in the world where they can be ...Read more >
From US $4,875 excluding flights

New Zealand Fiordland, Stewart Island & the Snares cruise

This authentic expedition cruise explores New Zealand's wildlife-rich Stewart Island/Rakiura, Zodiac cruises the rocky, inhospitable coast of The Snares - one of the world's most important nature reserves, and experiences the primordial majesty of Fiordland firsthand on this unforgettable adventure. After departing Bluff we set sail for Stewart Island, New Zealand's third largest island, and predator-free Ulva Island/Te Wharawhara. Rich in history and wildlife, these wild and remote islands are home to a unique range of birdlife including Bellbird, Tui, Kaka, Tomtit, Rifleman, Stewart Island Robin, Saddleback, Mohua and of course, the Stewart Island Brown Kiwi (or Southern Tokoeka). There ...Read more >
From US $5,075 excluding flights

Japan Northern sea circuit cruise, Hokkaido

The ultimate exploration of Japan’s last frontier – Hokkaido, Japan’s northernmost and least developed island, and a world away from the country’s more traditional and contemporary cities. Bordered by the Sea of Japan, Okhotsk and the Pacific Ocean, Hokkaido’s rugged landscape features a mountainous center, complete with volcanic plateau, and is rightly famous for its volcanoes and hot springs. Among its multiple plains is Kushiro, the largest wetland in Japan and home of the Red-crowned Crane, one of the world’s largest and rarest cranes and iconic symbol of Japan where it is also known as the ‘bird of happiness’. Explore the outlying Rebun and Rishiri Islands, venture into national ...Read more >
From US $7,950 excluding flights

Chukotka and Wrangel Island cruise, Russia

The Chukotka Autonomous Region in the far east of Russia covers an immense area, the size of France and England together. However, few people have ever heard of it – and even the majority of Russians know little about this wild, eastern outpost, thousands of miles from Moscow yet within sight of Alaska at its closest point. Just 50,000 people inhabit this immense landscape; the majority are Russian but there are also large numbers of indigenous Chukchi, Inuit, Koryak, Chuvan, Even and Yukaghir people. As the Cossacks invaded from the west, this was the last region they managed to take over – resisted by the Chukchi until the late 1800s. The indigenous people here lived largely nomadic ...Read more >
From US $10,250 excluding flights

Kuril Islands cruises, bird watching cruise, Russia

Russia’s Far East is one of the most dramatic places on earth to observe the Pacific Ring of Fire which manifests itself at numerous points along our expedition route. Here, the Pacific plate sub ducts under the North American plate and the resulting volcanic and geothermal activity has built a unique and amazing landscape. Perfect conditions for seabirds and cetaceans are created by the up-welling from deep trenches formed by this action and the currents which surround the many islands. As a result this area is one of the richest in the world, both in terms of the number of species and their sheer abundance. The undoubted highlight for many birders are the auks, and during our voyage it is ...Read more >
From US $9,450 excluding flights

Sea of Okhotsk wildlife cruise, Russia

Perhaps no other sea in the world has witnessed as much human suffering and misery as the Sea Okhotsk. Between 1932 and 1953 it is estimated that over 3 million prisoners (the vast majority of them innocent) were transported across the Sea Okhotsk to the Gulags of the Kolyma Goldfields. It is estimated that only five hundred thousand of those prisoners survived to make the journey home. The town and port of Magadan were built to process these prisoners. The upper regions of the Sea of Okhotsk remain frozen for much of the year and winter storms make it an inhospitable place. However the lure of a rich fishery and more recently oil and gas discoveries means this sea is still being ...Read more >
From US $6,590 excluding flights

Kamchatka wildlife and bird watching cruise, Russia

Siberia’s eastern coastline is one of the most remote and least visited places on the planet. But many indigenous communities call this icy, volcano-dotted region home – including the Koryak, Chukchi, Itelmen and Even, while the Tsar ordered fur trappers and sealers here in the 17th century, to plunder the phenomenal natural resources. Three centuries later, Stalin and subsequent Soviet leaders encouraged people to settle here, paying bonuses to those who came to live and work in this far flung region, constructing towns and making attempts to bring state control to the more traditional ways of life of far eastern Siberia. However, this trend was quickly reversed as the Cold War escalated, ...Read more >
From US $9,450 excluding flights

Chukotka and Wrangel Island wildlife cruises, Russia

Join an expedition across the top of the world, crossing the Arctic Circle and exploring the isolated and untouched islands of Wrangel and Herald off the coast of northeastern Siberia. Once off limits thanks to pack ice and icy politics between Russia and the United States, the thawing of both in recent years means this chilly wilderness area and the phenomenal wildlife that it shelters can now be explored on Chukotka and Wrangel Island wildlife cruises. Russia and Alaska are separated by the narrow Bering Strait, and our Chukotka wildlife cruise begins by sailing up the coast of Russia’s most easterly region, before reaching Wrangel Island. Virtually all of Wrangel is a Russian Federal ...Read more >
From US $11,450 excluding flights

Indonesian Islands expedition cruise

Discover paradise on an authentic expedition through Indonesia’s remote and little known tropical islands with multi-award-winning BBC and National Geographic wildlife producers and directors Neil Nightingale (former head of the BBC Natural History Unit) and Karen Bass. Responsible for some of the World’s best natural history documentaries including David Attenborough’s Planet Earth and Nature’s Great Events, the pair will share fascinating insights and their contagious enthusiasm as we swim with the Whale Sharks in Kwatisore Bay and explore the turquoise waters and rainbow corals of Raja Ampat traversing powdery white sand beaches, untamed jungles home to up to Red, Wilson’s and Lesser ...Read more >
From US $8,250 excluding flights

North East passage cruise, Russia

The allure of the mysterious Northeast Passage has captivated adventurers for centuries. Its Russian-controlled waters are steeped in history and mystery, while abundant wildlife is found along its remote shores. Only a handful of passenger vessels have ever completed a transit of this waterway, but recent changes in the summer sea ice conditions mean that it is now possible for a brief time each summer. In 2017, we fulfilled our long held ambition of completing a successful Northeast Passage double transit. We are excited to once again be running this geographical odyssey from Anadyr to Murmansk in 2020. Join us as we trace the route of legendary Polar explorer Adolf Erik Nordenskiold, ...Read more >
From US $21,900 excluding flights

New Zealand and islands bird watching cruise

These names are music to the ears of birders – Snares, Bounty, Antipodes, Auckland, Campbell, Macquarie and Chatham Islands. With the exception of the Chathams, these islands are probably more isolated now than they were when they were discovered in the late 1700’s. In that era they were regularly visited by sealers, whalers and government steamers searching for castaway sailors but opportunities to visit them nowadays are rare. It is relatively simple to get to the Chatham Islands, but reaching the others is far more challenging. This expedition is the only one to include all of these islands. Occupying the tempestuous latitudes of the Roaring Forties and the Furious Fifties, there is a ...Read more >
From US $12,875 excluding flights

Antarctica and New Zealand Subantarctic Islands Wildlife Cruise

The Ross Sea was names after the explorer Sir James Clark Ross, who discovered this wild stretch of ocean, deep in the Antarctic, in 1842. Although the Ross Sea has some of the most fascinating human stories on the continent, today it is one of the most rarely visited regions, with most Antarctic cruises focusing on the more accessible Antarctic Peninsula. This beautiful and otherworldly seascape is choked with pack ice for most of the year – briefly becoming accessible by for two months each austral summer. Just a handful of tourist expedition ships venture here each season, and one of these is the ice-strengthened Spirit of Enderby, a fully equipped expedition vessel. Staffed by ...Read more >
From US $26,950 excluding flights

New Zealands Subantarctic Islands photography cruise

Discover amazing endemic wildlife including the Black Robin, numerous petrel (including Chatham Island Taiko or Magenta Petrel), shearwater and albatross species, meet the locals and experience conservation in action as we small ship expedition cruise New Zealand's Chatham, Antipodes, Mangere, Little Mangere and Bounty Islands on this 10-day voyage of discovery. Made up of 11 islands, plus numerous islets, the Chatham Islands lie 870 kilometres east of New Zealand and are 45 minutes ahead of the rest of the country. The history of these islands and their rich natural history is unique, and it is only recently that these precious islands have begun to be understood and appreciated, but it ...Read more >
From US $5,350 excluding flights

Melanesia birdwatching vacation

This journey across the southwestern Pacific Ocean involves many incredible encounters – from rare birds to colourful cultures, exotic marine life to recent and ancient history, and deserted islands ringed with white sand beaches. This Melanesia bird watching vacation started out as the classic WPO (West Pacific Odyssey) itinerary which takes in some of the world’s rarest pelagic bird species. Since then, it has grown into a far more varied voyage, taking a number of new locations with broader appeal. Journeying from the temperate waters of New Zealand’s Hauraki Gulf, we’ll witness the shift in flora and fauna as the climate gradually changes as we approach the tropical region of Papua New ...Read more >
From US $10,680 excluding flights
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