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Simien mountains trekking in Ethiopia

This will take you totally off the beaten trail to experience the Real Ethiopia in its untouched and raw form. Walk through farmland just outside the Simien Park, se how farmers have lived for centuries. You will be hosted in simple guesthouses that they have built, and they will provide you with meals, tea and coffee. The walks are not for the faint hearted; the altitude is around 3,000m and above, but the views and the hospitality will blow you away. Depending on the season you will see ox-drawn ploughing, livestock threshing or people winnowing their crop in the wind with age old farm tools carved from the hard Olive wood trees. In November farmers start harvesting, cutting their ...Read more >
From US $300 excluding flights

Trekking in Ethiopia, nr Lalibela

First spend a fascinating day visiting the World Heritage site at Lalibela with its labyrinth of churches carved out of the bedrock. There are some good hotels here to rest up before you go up into the mountains to walk through remote farming villages with the farming communities as your hosts. Life slows down to the age old rhythm of the countryside. You will be blown away by the views and the hospitality of these proud people. We want you to experience the ‘Real Ethiopia’. as guests of the local farmers in the Ethiopian highlands. Ethiopia is a varied and diverse country, with at its core an age-old culture of farmers, who have been ploughing their fields with ox-drawn ploughs for a ...Read more >
From US $1,175 including domestic flights only

Trekking in Ethiopia on Mount Abuna Yosef

Abuna Yoseph is one of Ethiopia's highest mountains (the highest place out side Bale and Simien mountains) with its peak at 4,288m. The tour operator helps the communities there to run treks through their guesthouses, one of which - Agaw Beret - is the highest accommodation in Ethiopia And it is easy to reach set as it is just behind the historical town of Lalibela with its world famous rockhewn churches. We can whisk you off from Lalibela (or the airport) and transfer you to the village of Geneta Mariam where the community has a simple guesthouse on the spur of a hill. It is in fact possible to walk from Lalibela - around the Nekutaleab church to Geneta Mariam. It is an attractive 3-4 ...Read more >
From US $260 excluding flights

Ethiopia trekking in Wof Washa forest

The forest at Wof Washa (means 'bird cave'), is set on the Rift Valley escarpment some 130km NE of the capital. It stretches from high afro-alpine vegetation at about 3,600m with Giant Erica and Giant Lobelia through Juniper, Olive, Podocarpus and many other tree types down to altitudes below 2,700. Birding is amazing with many raptors including Lammergieyer and Vereaux Eagles, and stunning forest birds like the white cheeked Turaco. High up there are reported to be Ethiopian Wolves, there are many Gelada baboon and Rock Hyrax. Into the forest are hyena and leopard, monkeys, baboons and a host of smaller animals. You will stay in community owned and managed guesthouses in and around ...Read more >
From US $250 excluding flights

Tigray trekking tour in Ethiopia

The sandstone mountains in Tigray are known for their mysterious churches carved into the mountainside. The Gheralta massif is most well known and is home to the famous Abuna Yemata Goh - which is a heart-stopping climb up - a climb done by barefoot locals, sometimes with infants on their back. A little to the north are the less explored Agame mountains - in the same red sandstone. Here Tesfa Tours has been supporting the construction & operation of a number of guesthouses owned by the villagers since 2010. These mountains are also home to some stunning churches cut into the rock escarpments, a number of which we will show you on this trip before introducing you to their Gheralta ...Read more >
From US $525 excluding flights
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