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Alentejo self guided cycling vacation, Portugal

Settle into the saddle on this eight day cycling vacation in Portugalís south-central Alentejo region. As this is a tailor made tour youíll be invited to choose from a variety of country trails and coastal tracks to ensure you get to make the most of this naturally endearing area, both by bike and on foot. Cycle routes extend through agricultural landscapes where eucalyptus and lavender hang on the breeze and shepherds tend their flocks overlooking orange and olive groves. Cycle to the coast and itís the Atlantic high-rollers that sweep salty sea air into your longs as well as supplying secret sandy coves from where to unwrap bifana sandwiches before cooling off in the ocean. Fields of ...Read more >
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Alentejo self guided hiking in Portugal

This all-encompassing two week walking tour in Portugalís Alentejo region is definitely one for the purists. Equipped with map and route notes, including recommended local restaurants, youíll be invited to walk between B&Bís which can be found after achieving average daily distances of approx 20kms. Although the Alentejo is incredibly extensive we believe this self-guided walking tour will give you a very good impression of the agricultural hillsides and Atlantic seascapes revered for their wild and untouched natural beauty. From the Portuguese border with Spain to the undulating Algarve and the meandering River Tagus, this tailor made tour opens up an area far from the tourist trappings ...Read more >
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Alentejo & Algarve self guided biking vacation, Portugal

The Vacation allows the cyclist to discover the best of both worlds available in this part of Alentejo, once the stages/routes will mix a great variety of landscapes. Starting pedaling inland will provide many opportunities to explore the countryside places and towns, using undulating secondary asphalt roads. By the Coast, the cyclist will be surprised by the Atlantic views and stunning beaches along the coastline. Cycling inland or by the coast, gastronomy, and wines will be always a highlight (seafood, fresh fish, and black pork). The region is also extremely popular during Summertime, because of beaches and Surf, but there is much more to explore behind this idyllic scenery and cycling ...Read more >
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Alentejo self guided hiking vacation, Portugal

The southwest landscape is one of the most unspoilt in europe, with little human intervention in its history: an under populated territory, with no industry and methods of agriculture that have seen little change in hundreds of years. From the information that we gather from earlier centuries, we can understand that the low population density of the region left a vast area of waste land, only with occasional occupation in the valleys formed by the rivers and streams. These are small picturesque fishing villages surrounded by truly wild and unspoiled coastline, where you will walk along virgin beaches, wild sand dunes and stunning cliff landscapes.Read more >
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Alentejo & Algarve self guided hiking vacation, Portugal

If youíre looking for self guided walking vacations in Portugal that will take you far from the madding hordes and tourist resorts then you have most definitely come to the right place. The Alentejo region, just north of the Algarve, is swathed in gently rolling hillsides studded with cork trees, olive groves and vineyards with shimmering fields of wheat providing oceans of gold against clear blue skies and a mild year round climate. Contrasting coastal trails lead self guided walking vacations in Portugal to sand dunes, cliff tops and secret beaches where fishermen present the catch of the day and seafood grills at sunset provide the perfect end to a good day spent exploring outdoors. As ...Read more >
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