Alentejo self guided hiking in Portugal

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Alentejo self guided hiking in Portugal


The Alentejo is an extensive region covering almost a third of Portugal. It stretches from the river Tagus flowing out of Lisbon in the North; to the Algarve hills in the South. In the East the Alentejo shares a border with Spain, and to the West it opens onto the Atlantic Ocean. Essentially rural and sparsely populated, it offers a landscape that is uncommonly well preserved. Its scenic beauty, temperate climate and abundance of heritage make the Alentejo an exceptional and unique place to visit.
Leaving the main Highways visitors enter the rich landscapes of cork oaks with black pigs grazing beneath their shade, vineyards and olives groves and wheat fields lead up to the steep cliffs and beaches where the local people, both friendly and hospitable by nature live in the white washed fishing villages. Locals see tourism as a bless, generating new opportunities to create jobs.
Fine beaches, a temperate year-round climate; mouth-watering gastronomy and friendly people are just a few of the ingredients that spice up the experience of visiting Europe's south-western most country.
This tour is based on the coast in the picturesque town of Vila Nova de Milfontes perched on the banks of the Mira Estuary. The walks take visitors through the varied landscapes of the Natural Park from the Cercal hills through the undulating cork oak and pasture to the dun scapes of the coast leaving nothing but footprints and good memories. The areas unique geology, flora and fauna has lead to the classification of protected areas within the Natural Park where only pedestrian are allowed to pass.
Now with the Saint Vicent´s route almost complete on the field this is a big contribute for the local economy and specially to services like the accommodations, restaurantes, transports, supermarkets and tradicional souvenirs shops. So to keep this relation between the visitor and the locals/region in a sustainable level we apply people to:
- Avoid buying souvenirs made from endangered species and support crafts made from renewable resources;
- Follow always the marked paths;
- Do not collect animals, flora and fauna without permission;
- Walk always during the day,
- Buy and eat locally-grown and locally processed foods wherever possible;
- Recycle whatever you can while traveling;
- Use biodegradable and natural products for your sun protector;
- Use plastic bottles which can be recycled;
- Respect nature;
- Between others “eco Behaviors”.
We are making many progresses keeping our environment in a good condition through daily decisions. Using best practices for the environment is one of the main keys to protect Fauna & Flora, culture, natural resources and local communities.
The accommodations are also giving their contribute saving energy and being much more efficient on their daily tasks like laundry, heating and water usage, adopting solar energy and using signs at each room informing people how can they optimize their water consumption during their stay.


The tour starts with a briefing explaining all the details about the region and the recommended areas to visit and some traditional restaurants to try.
We also provide people with contents about the main areas that they will discover during their adventure.
Our company as an excellent relation with local people and their customs, they see our “work” as a benefit that improves their businesses and creates new business opportunities.
We are based on a magnificent place were people know each other and love to share all the knowledge about Vicentina & Alentejo Coast Region.
All local economy that is focus on tourism is getting much more sensate to the fact that this kind of non-massive tourism allow them to get good results during the low and medium seasons creating a longer period to work on their services.
On this tour we always use the accommodations owned locally and recommend the typical restaurants that serve traditional dishes focus on our “upstanding” local gastronomy.
This walking vacation is unique experience that allows you to visit the main unexplored coastal areas and a beautiful countryside part with the Portuguese “montado”(cork oak forest).

1 Reviews of Alentejo self guided hiking in Portugal

5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on 24 Apr 2018 by

1. What was the most memorable or exciting part of your vacation?

Walking beside the sea

2. What tips would you give other travelers booking this vacation?

Learn some Portuguese - people appreciate it, especially in the countryside. Walking poles helpful by the coast - sand dunes on top of limestone or sandstone cliffs make for slightly harder going.

3. Did you feel that your vacation benefited local people, reduced environmental impacts or supported conservation?

Benefits to local people. I think hotels could do more with recycling and waste (apart from Cato B and B in Carrapateira. Plastic bottles, butter and jam portions, soaps and shampoos provided could be done differently. I also wondered about tourism and water consumption. I think the good thing about a walking vacation is that the locals see that what we are coming for is the wild open spaces and not golf courses etc. Impressed in Portugal with nature conservancy measures and renewable energy.

4. Finally, how would you rate your vacation overall?

Fabulous. Stages were the right length, comfortable but varied hotels. Lovely people. The trail is spectacular and I’m pleased we started from the beginning and saw some of the inland. Portugal is easier for vegetarians than other European countries. Fresh, wholesome food.

Read the operator's response here:

Thank you once more, we really appreciate your comments, ;) You will be always welcome to this part of the world. Obrigado

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