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Andean Spiritualism tour in Peru

Andean spiritualism is centered on the beliefs and practices of the Incas and Pre-Hispanic cultures of Peru and Bolivia. It is alive and well to this day, and throughout this unique journey you'll have the opportunity to discover some of the ancient roots of modern beliefs. Along with renowned archeological sites such as Machu Picchu and Tiahuanaco, discover lesser-known temples and ruins built of beautifully carved stone and filled with hidden meaning. The backdrop of this adventure is the stunning high Andes, filled with snow-capped peaks, expansive flatlands, and stunningly blue Lake Titicaca. From beautiful Lake Titicaca, you´ll have the option to continue to the Uyuni Salt Flats, the ...Read more >
From US $2,250 excluding flights

Women only tour of Peru

Our women´s only tour of Peru focuses on the culture & history from female perspectives. Meet female farmers, weavers, artisans and entrepreneurs, while enjoying the incredible natural beauty and heritage of the pre-Hispanic Andes. You´ll be able to take in amazing sights and experiences in a fun, active and immersive way. As we travel across the Peruvian highlands, enjoy stunning scenery, discover remote villages in an open & authentic manner, and visit the country´s most incredible spots. Highlights include colonial Cusco, the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, the Colca Canyon, and historic Arequipa. Activities can be modified to match your physical fitness and ...Read more >
From US $2,786 excluding flights

Lares homestay trek in Peru

This Inca Trail vacation follows the Lares trekking route through small, traditional Andean villages where the Quechua tradition is still at the core of mountain life. As well as taking on the world renowned Inca Trail on this much quieter route, you have a chance to really immerse yourself in traditional and culture, by staying with local families along the way. With three full days of trekking, between 4-6 hours per day, this tailor made trip is fully supported by local guides and trekking staff, all from the local Quechua communities. After trekking through mountainous valleys, enveloped by snow capped Andean peaks, you will finally reach the great ancient citadel of Machu Picchu ...Read more >
From US $495 excluding flights

Rainbow Mountain trek in Peru

This four day trek along Peru’s famous, and indeed famously beautiful Rainbow Mountain Circuit, otherwise known as Ausangate, is a tailor made trip, traveling with an expert mountain guide and a local trekking support team. On this trekking vacation, you will be hiking through some of Peru’s most stunning scenery, all just a four hour drive from Cusco. The Rainbow Mountain Trek, is famous for its proliferation of glaciers, hot springs, glacial lakes and dramatic mountain passes, at elevations over 5000m. As well as spectacular snow covered peaks all around, the most famous being Rainbow Mountain itself, also known as Vinicunca. You will be trekking on average for nine hours a day, ...Read more >
From US $595 excluding flights

Coffee, Chocolate, & Machu Picchu tour in Peru

This Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu vacation is very unique, in that you get to explore real life in the mountains through the region’s small producers of coffee, cocoa and tropical fruits. This tailor made tour, fully guided, takes you into the Andean homelands where you can stay with local families, learn about life on cocoa and coffee farms, growing and production methods as well as mountain traditions. While touring the Valley you will have a home cooked lunch with a local family, hike in the tropical jungles, try out incredible hot springs and then, at the end of this short trip, visit the great citadel of Machu Picchu. You will access Machu Picchu by taking a 2-3 hour hike to Aguas ...Read more >
From US $859 excluding flights

Peru and Boliva grand tour

Our adventurous Peru and Bolivia Tour features what many consider the highlights of each country. Begin in charming Cusco. Experience several days full of history, culture, and (of course) Machu Picchu! Delve into the history, culture, adventure and breathtaking scenery as you travel from Peru to Bolivia via the Peruvian Altiplano. The adventure continues with stops at serene Lake Titicaca, astounding Salar de Uyuni (Uyuni Salt flats), and more as you enjoy your magnificent journey. As with all our carefully-designed tours, Ayni brings inspiring local touches to the most famous spots by prioritizing people and culture, working with local communities, and featuring immersive & ...Read more >
From US $3,195 excluding flights

Inca Trail trek with homestay

Experience the best of Cusco with our two day Inca Trail trek, plus time to explore the Sacred Valley and enjoy an overnight homestay. Not only will you have the opportunity to visit highlights in the Sacred Valley, but you'll also hike the magnificent Inca Trail to Machu Picchu and experience local culture during an overnight homestay in a traditional Andean community. The tour begins with travel to the Sacred Valley of the Incas, and then on to Moray and the beautiful Salineras. The route is spectacularly scenic, with snowcapped peaks, expansive blue skies, and agricultural fields of corn, potatoes, quinoa and more. These visits can be made by van, during a gentle hike, or by mountain ...Read more >
From US $975 excluding flights
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