Northern Japan tour

“Explore Japan’s beautiful but little visited Tohoku region, home to temples, hot springs and national parks, supporting a region still recovering from 2011’s earthquake as you travel.”


Tokyo | Nikko | Hiraizumi | Geibikei Gorge | Yugendo Caves | Naruko | Ishinomaki | Matsushima Bay | Niigata | dairy farm visit | hot springs | Sado Island

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10 Jun 2019
£ 3995
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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Northern Japan tour


Japan’s northern region of Tohoku and in particular its coastal communities were badly hit by the 2011 Great Earthquake. Traveling in Tohoku helps support the region's recovery.

On this tour, travelers will visit a number of stunning locations well removed from the usual tourist trail. Our choice of accommodation, methods of transport and day by day activities have been chosen to support the region's sustainability and nature conservation efforts.

All of our travelers are issued with a ‘Japan Pre-departure Guide’, which provides practical traveling information, but which also gives a balanced introduction into some of the environmental issues facing the world’s second richest nation. On the ground in Japan, our travelers receive a ‘Tread Lightly’ guide to traveling responsibly, which asks travelers to shun excess packaging and avoid daily changing of hotel linen. We are extremely passionate about Japan and therefore try to reduce any potential negative environmental impact our vacations could have on this beautiful country.


We are committed to helping the local communities of Tohoku for whom tourism is an important source of income. We consider it fundamental that each aspect of the trip supports and benefits the local economy and provides meaningful interactions for travelers and locals alike.

We use public transport, eat at local restaurants and stay at Japanese owned accommodation. We book experiences with small businesses and use local guides. We arrange hands-on experiences with local crafts people. For example, on this tour travelers will take part in Kokeshi doll painting and paper making workshops. By supporting the community in this way we help to keep traditional crafts alive.

At Ishinomaki, a town almost completely washed away by the tsunami in 2011, we will meet and talk with a local Japanese resident who experienced the disaster first hand. Through experiences like these we hope that visitors will develop a strong connection with the Tohoku area and its people.

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