Luxury Antarctica cruise

An 11 day cruise, starting and finishing in Ushuaia, Argentina, with approximately five days on Antarctic Peninsula with its myriad islands. Also crossing Drake Passage. On luxury or expedition ship.
Drake Passage Antarctic Peninsula Whale watching Options to see following: Aitcho Islands South Shetland Islands Brown Bluff , Tabarin Peninsula Cuverville Island Paradise Bay Paulet Island Wilhelm Archipelago Expert expedition team
11418 excluding flights
11 Days
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11418 excluding flights
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Expedition cruising
The frozen continent nearly twice the size of Australia and with most of its land over 2km high is a polar desert. Plunged into darkness for six m...


Accessibility overview:
We only promote voyages for real travelers with carefully selected specialist cruise operators that do not cut corners in their quest to ensure your onboard experience is of the highest quality. Travel in an intimate, safe and comfortable environment. Wheelchair users and people with limited mobility will be able to explore the Antarctica landscape safely with this cruise.
Limited mobility:
Our Antarctic cruises can cater for people with limited mobility. There are lifts to all floors and staff on hand to assist when needed. They try to ensure that those with limited mobility are able to participate in all activities and can go ashore though when the weather allows. 
The Antarctic cruise ships have 3 specifically adapted wheelchair cabins, lifts to all floors and staff that are trained in managing wheelchair passengers. They try to make sure that wheelchair users can participate in many activities and can go ashore though this maybe restricted by the weather and can’t be guaranteed. Wheelchair users must be accompanied by an able-body companion.
'Free from' food:
All of our cruises provide vegetarian, vegan and celiac options.
We are happy to take LGBT communities on all cruises.

Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) vacation so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.

Planet and people

We use small ships on all of our cruises which minimizes the detrimental impacts of our cruises to any part of the world. In the Antarctic it is only permitted for 100 passengers to go ashore at any one time, which controls and minimizes the impact that tourists can have on the land. All of our cruises in this region are accompanied by an Expedition Team that comprises experts in a range of fields such as zoology, polar history, marine biology and glaciology, and usually photography.

All of the ships we work with in Antarctica are managed by companies who are members of IAATO, the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators. IAATO is a member organization founded in 1991 to advocate and promote the practice of safe and environmentally responsible private-sector travel to the Antarctic. IAATO has resolved to set the highest possible tourism operating standards to protect the Antarctic. This effort is unique, and the challenge to maintain environmentally responsible tourism exists to this extent in no other region of the world.

Journeys to Antarctica bear an extra responsibility for the traveler to respect and protect the environment. The Antarctic environment is unique in that man is an intruder on the whole continent, and that binds us with an extra responsibility to make sure we have absolutely no detrimental effect on the environment. The expedition team are responsible for your safety and entertainment, but also your education about all aspects of the Antarctic, and especially its conservation and current conservation issues affecting the Antarctic. They will accompany you on excursions ashore, explaining and pointing out the wildlife, physical features and any historical highlights.

Some of the guidelines we adhere to include:
Protect Antarctic Wildlife
-Never taking, harming or interfering with Antarctic wildlife.
-Not using aircraft, vessels, small boats, or other means of transport in ways that disturb wildlife, either at sea or on land.
-Never feeding, touching, or handling birds or seals, or approaching or photographing them to alter their behaviour. Special care is needed when animals are breeding or moulting.
-Not damaging plants, by example by walking, driving, or landing on extensive moss beds or lichen-covered scree slopes.
-Keeping noise to a minimum to avoid frightening wildlife.
-Not bringing non-native plants or animals into the Antarctic.

Keep Antarctica Pristine
-Not disposing of litter or garbage on land.
-Never disturbing or polluting lakes or streams. Any materials into the sea are disposed of correctly.
-Never painting or engraving names or graffiti on rocks or buildings.
-Never collecting or taking away biological or geological specimens or man-made artefacts as a souvenir.

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