Sri Lanka Painting vacation

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Sri Lanka Painting vacation


Environmental and wildlife concerns are my passion and I travel as sensitively and sustainably as I can, with and without clients.

Small group size limits our environmental and cultural impact generally, while I always encourage the group to make wiser environmental choices wherever possible.

On joining a sketching vacation I provide my clients with a sustainably-produced sketchbook from Khadi paper imported (and fairly traded) from India.

Littering is a particular bugbear of mine and can be a problem in developing countries. I come down very heavily on any client or driver who litters in front of me. I am currently seeking local anti-litter organisations/campaigns to become involved with and the recent appearance of recycling facilities in Sri Lanka is a welcome sight which I go out of my way to use and support.

I drink tap water whenever and wherever it is safe to do so in a concerted effort to avoid plastic bottles and I encourage my clients to do the same. Where this is not possible I discourage the buying of small size bottles and advise the use of reusable water carriers into which we can decant from a large vessel.


All clients are issued with a 'Facts about the country' information sheet at or before the time of booking which outlines cultural considerations such as what to wear and how to handle the inevitable attention received while painting.

I am always quick to point out whose country we are visiting and that we have a responsibility to adapt as far as possible to the culture of the host country and not expect them to adapt to us (beyond common politeness and decency of course!) Cultural differences are very much part of the fun and interaction is always encouraged. This is pointed out in the pre-booking literature where traveling with an open mind is always emphasised.

On joining the trip I supply clients with a hand-woven pencil-case from a colourful co-operative in Colombo which seeks to help rural village women. A visit to the shop is recommended to those who are passing through Colombo.

Visits to local craft co-operatives and small art-related businesses are always included where possible and I always encourage buying items such as souvenirs and snacks from the smallest establishments and neediest people.

I emphatically discourage donating to child-beggars which is nearly always perpetrating an undesirable and unnecessary lifestyle in the places we visit. I would always suggest giving an endearing child onlooker a quick sketch rather than a pen!

the hotel we stay in on this trip is Sri Lankan/English owned and staffed exclusively with locals who are paid a fair wage. The menu includes Western as well as Sri Lankan dishes but all the ingredients are sourced locally.

Outside of the hotel the restaurants we eat in are locally owned, locally run and employ local staff. They are all small establishments and not part of a large chain or franchise. The food is local in style and uses home-grown produce, cooked in the traditional way.

I use only local, self-employed drivers and guides and like to support new enterprises started by young people struggling to raise themselves out of poverty. These enterprises are emerging all the time and I aim to identify them as they appear and where possible, incorporate them into the itineraries.

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