Prosecco Area to Venice tour, Italy

“Sip Prosecco by the Dolomites, visit a Venetian craftsman’s workshop and discover Palladio’s perfect architecture on this five day tailor made tour.”


Prosecco area | Maser | Palladio’s Villa Barbaro | Asolo | Bassano del Grappa | Venice | visit craftsmen’s workshops | Treviso

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Prosecco Area to Venice tour, Italy


On this tour you are going to visit the land between Venice and the Dolomites, a landscape of round hills covered with vineyards producing the Prosecco wine. Most of the production is made by small businesses, family generations have been working to improve the quality of the wine in an area where vine growing dates back to the Roman period. You will realize how man’s work and the environment are strictly connected and in this area one cannot survive without the other. The movements of the Earth’s crust and the geological structure of the area have produced over thousand of years a series of parallel hills which have been molded by human activity. The Prosecco area has applied for the Unesco recognition as a organically evolved landscape, the words used to apply for the Unesco candidacy express in the best way the link between the environment and the community:“.. the Prosecco area has been generated by a continuous process that has evolved over time, but which is still very much alive, around which the local community and its artistic, technical and production culture have organised themselves in response to characteristics of the physical environment that are fragile and entirely distinctive”.

The rural buildings and the construction materials are so intimately connected with the environment and with the local history that they are a unified entity with the surrounding landscape. The level of preservation of the agricultural environment is excellent in this area and it allows the developing and conservation of local productions which can be found and tasted at local restaurants


The inhabitants of the area that you are going to visit love their roots and they have kept strong bonds with their traditions and with their gastronomic culture; they take pleasure in offering their hospitality especially at the table while enjoying a glass of Prosecco. You will travel in an area which does not know mass tourism and you will get acquainted with local people who will introduce you to their traditions. Your visits will have a positive impact on the local economy and on their effort to maintain their ancient culture and you will have the opportunity to buy products directly from the producers.

Even in Venice which is definitely a mass tourism destination, we have put together for you a portfolio of experiences at craftsmen’s workshops to give you the opportunity to get to know the city as it is lived by the Venetian citizens. By visiting artisans’ laboratories you will help them economically and sustain the survival of ancient works. You can choose among different options according to your likings: you can explore the most known crafts like the Murano’s glass lampworking or the making of traditional Venetian papier-mache masks, alternatively you can discover unusual experiences, for example you may like to see a practical demonstration of the production of the famous Venetian velvet soprarizzo and listen to the explanation of the various process stages, including a visit to the old weaving mill or you may want to discover the secrets of screen-silk printing, a technique that allows you to experiment with colors and make a reproducible work of art while maintaining its uniqueness, in a historic silkscreen laboratory.

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