Inner Mongolia horse riding tour, China

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Inner Mongolia horse riding tour, China


We fully understand and appreciate the importance of developing tours that are sustainable and reduce the impacts of tourism on the environment wherever possible. Indeed, all of our tours maintain a great respect for the natural surroundings in which we visit and travel. This itinerary is acutely aware of the need to protect rural regions like Inner Mongolia both for current and future generations to fully experience. We are also highly aware of the need to help protect the Great Wall and have purposely developed a tour that will take you to one of its remoter sections.

This horseback riding tour in Inner Mongolia is special designed for people who would like to experience the real and unmeasuredvastness grassland. We go where there are less tourists and more wildlife and nature. We all know that the Nomadic herders have great respect for the rivers, mountains and have their own prohibitions. We will follow their lead when it comes to acting sustainably on the big steppe! As a horseback riding vacation, this trip has very limited detrimental impact upon the environment, residents and communities in the regions we visit.

Water is very important during this pure horse riding tour. We suggest to bring your own travel mug to fill in the boiled water instead of drinking the bottledmineral water continually. Such measure could really reduce the amount of rubbish we produce.

Every tour will produceasurplusofwasteandhard-to-usebiomass that isbestkeptin thefoodchainbyfeedingittolivestock. We encourage clients to stick to bring all waste to next station and disposed of appropriately in local garbage collection facilities. These include recycling as appropriate.

It isadvocated to recycle paper and ink cartridges to reduce the waste in landfill sites. We turn off printers, computers, battery chargers and transformers at the end of each day and use energy-efficient bulbs and low-energy appliances.


Our itinerary has been designed to fully incorporate the local communities of the regions we visit, including the nomadic people that you will encounter on this tour. We value their unique insights, knowledge, and hospitality, and believe that they too should benefit from tourism too.

In this fantastic riding, we will have 3 nights in Beijing, one night in local wooden style hotel in Yakeshi, 4 night in the small place in Inner Mongolian and two nights for camping on the grassland for a special experience. All the hotels we use are special selected by office staff, in order to make sure they are owned by local residences, and with responsible practices in place eg recycling, water saving initiatives, renewable energy. We have already built up close relationships with our partners there for many years.

Travelers are advised to take food themselves such as biscuits, bread, milk, yoghurt, mineral water and fruit. We will rent a vehicle to carry with some foods, goodsandmaterials for the cooking during the tour. All of these are bought from local markets, such as in season fruit, we can ensure our commerce is benefiting local people.

A fair deal:
We employ local tour guides and drivers so that we learn about the culture and way of life directly from those who live it and put money into local hands and economies. And we provide with training opportunities. All receive fair wages and are provided with training opportunities both direct from us and from the local tourism bureau. Our guides are also responsible for advising travelers of the appropriate recycling options available in each place.

Local crafts and culture -
We sustain jobs and cultural diversity by supporting local craft makers and artisans, and promoting cultural attractions. We encourage our guests to buy local products and visit cultural centre/attractions.

Traveling with respect -
We realize the mutual understanding is the first step to maintain harmony. There is no good culture and bad culture but just different culture exist in our world. In our products, we try to provide more opportunities for tourists to go inside local communities and try to explain both tourists and local communities their different behaviors, thinking and altitudes from both sides and especially explain the cultural reasons behind. The more the both sides, tourists and local communities understand each other, the more they respect the each other and their culture.

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