Christmas and new year Jordan tour

“Jordan offers an unforgettable Christmas and New Year experience - evocative Biblical sites, stunning ancient ruins plus relaxing by the Red Sea.”


Amman | Petra | Madaba | Mount Nebo | Bethany | Dead Sea | Kerak Crusaders castle | Aqaba | Wadi Rum desert | Optional extras: Turkish bath, cooking class with local chef, Petra by night, Petra horse-ride

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24 Dec 2019
US $ 1755
excluding flights
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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Christmas and new year Jordan tour


It is believed that still a lot of Petra is buried under the sand and still every
day new discoveries are being made. Restoration of Petra's beautiful facades is an ongoing task and so is that from many other sights in Jordan. By visiting these sights such as Petra, Madaba etc you will help with making these new discoveries as all entry tickets include a fee for restoring sights.

When you travel to Jordan, we like you to be aware of the fact that Jordan is
one of the countries with little water resources. Therefore, we ask our travelers to not take long showers and not to leave the tap water running unnecessarily. We encourage you to try to limit your water use during your stay in our country.
Sadly, Jordan also struggles with a big waste problem. We ask all our guests to
keep this in the back of their minds when visiting sights. We really emphasize on keeping the country clean. Our local guides and drivers are instructed to keep an eye on our guests regarding this matter. We think that to make a change we should start by making the change ourselves. We do so by setting the right example and we ask our guests to join us in this. Which means we ask you to make sure not to leave any waste behind wherever you go throughout your vacation in Jordan. Further on, at our office we try to limit the use of paper as much as we can by making reservations via email instead of via fax.


When you book your Christmas & New Year's Eve Party tour with us, we like you to be able to completely relax and enjoy your vacation. So we make sure that it is a fair deal for everyone. All the people who are involved and contribute to making your vacation the best time of your life, are given a fair compensation for their hard work. In return they give more then you can imagine. They will put all their energy in making sure you return home with amazing memories and great stories to tell your family and friends. In our eyes this is an important part of
traveling responsible, making sure that everyone is receiving a fair wage for their hard work.

All our employees are locals and we have several women working for us as well. We believe in empowering women, so that they may contribute to the wellbeing of their family. We give women the chance to work in our office and/or from
their homes so that they can choose what fits best with their family and we
support them in their choices. Also all the drivers and guides that will assist you during your stay in Jordan are locals (they do speak English), and this is another way how the local communities benefit from your vacation in Jordan. We also
encourage cultural exchange, showing you our traditions and lives.

We recommend you attend the Petra Kitchen cooking course as well during your Christmas & New Year's Eve Party tour. Making your stay even more special. You will learn how to cook traditional Jordanian food alongside local women, giving them too the opportunity to help support their families. A special Christmas dinner to remember for sure!

You might like to bring your family and friends at home a little present from Jordan. We recommend you buy souvenirs from local artists to further support the local communities in Jordan. In Petra you will find a souvenir shop called "Handmade in Jordan". They ensure that all souvenirs they sell are created by local artists and that they are all compensated fairly for their hard work.

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