Umbria to Tuscany cycling & cooking vacation

1640 excluding flights
5 Days
Small group
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Price includes 5 nights accommodation, all meals with water and wine (lunches are to take away), 2 cooking classes, bike rental, bike tour (self-guided)
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Description of Umbria to Tuscany cycling & cooking vacation

Price information

1640 excluding flights
Price includes 5 nights accommodation, all meals with water and wine (lunches are to take away), 2 cooking classes, bike rental, bike tour (self-guided)
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Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) vacation so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


We know there is only one planet we can live on, so our aim is to preserve it the way it is

Our farm is totally organic, and has banned all chemical products, even for cleaning all products are natural and don't affect nature. We produce our own soap for the dishwasher just out of natural ingredients. We use vinegar to clean showers and windows, and also in the washing machine.

We produce our own electricity and hot water through solar energy.

We compost all the leftover from food which makes it a great fertilizer for our vegetable garden. Our dogs and cats eat natural food and not canned or ready food. All that nature provides is precious so nothing should be wasted, that's why we put reductors of water on all showers, and all our lights turn off automatically. Most of the food that people waste can be converted in good food for our pets, or our sheep and hens.

We have banned plastic bottles too.

Cycling is a great way of traveling, so we encourage this as well as trekking. All cycling trips start from our place so the impact on enviroment is actually null.

We are happy that we can contribute to any effort to preserve our only planet.


We are committed to using local producs only so whatever we cannot grow we get at the local market or from local farmers, and we try to buy regional wine and beer only. We get eggs and meat from local suppliers and cheese is only bought directly from farmers. We love taking tourists to local wineries and food farm, and organizing food and wine tastings for them. We support small productions as they may find it difficult to compete with the industrial production, so they need extra help to survive.

We always privilege those products which risk to disappear because they require too much work and high costs of production, like saffron and some old varieties of cereals and beans.

Everyone should only use seasonal products as they are the ones that can be purchased within short distance.

All our guests are encouraged to attend the local market or the little shop, rather then go to the bigger supermarkets. We also invite them to go to those restaurants that share the same philosophy, and they make the effort, also because food there is better and healthier.

Cycling and trekking give tourists a unique opportunity to get in touch with the farmers, and to make stops and shop locally.

We always encourage our clients to have contacts with farmers, and artisans, as they love talking about their job and themselves, and you learn a lot.

We employ people from our community as is is a rather depressed area, so even modest jobs can make a big difference to a family. This creates some special relationship with them.

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