Cycling and Italy are intrinsically linked with a flash of green, white and red adorning apparel the world over to signify the eternal bond between chic style and two wheels. There’s just something about feeling the road, every lump and bump, of watching vineyards roll by, without windows, that allows you to understand what makes Italians tick. You just don’t get that in a car, or on two legs; it’s that added freedom that sets cyclists apart from the pack. Cycling as part of a small group lets you appreciate the social side of Italy, both on and off the saddle. Tailor made tours offer the freedom to explore under your own steam to create unique experiences, ones that you’ll never want to forget. From Venice and Turin to Puglia and Amalfi, via Tuscany and Umbria, no matter where you are, the wine and the pasta always tastes better in Italy, and we think you’ll find the cycling does too.

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If you enjoy the social side of cycling, being able to switch off slightly thanks to the reassurance of cycling with a leader who knows the language, the points of interest and the best places to eat, then small group cycling in Italy may well be your thing. On the other hand, if you prefer to cycle at your own pace, enjoy reading route notes and following a map, but also quite like the thought of your luggage ready and waiting for you at the next hand-picked, small hotel, then, you’ve guessed it, tailor made cycling tours in Italy are probably going to put the most air in your tyres.

David Sear and Andrew Ross, experts from one of our leading European cycling vacation suppliers, Exodus, share their advice on tailor made and small group cycling vacations in Italy:
Andrew Ross: “I love the atmosphere and camaraderie of a cycling group, but every once in a while you cannot beat heading off on your own and losing yourself in the experience of riding in a foreign land. After years of exploring on two wheels it is very apparent that there are always many different ways of getting from A to B and the actual planning of a daily route is also something that I find very rewarding. For these reasons I do love the self guided concept.”
David Sear: “Group cycling vacations allow you to travel solo and meet likeminded people who all enjoy cycling and have a sense of adventure. I think it really adds to the experience when you share the trip with other people; on our challenging trips the physical effort really brings the group together, whereas on our leisurely trips the group provides a great atmosphere, conversation and fun. You are guaranteed to make friends on a group tour and having a local guide to give you all the information means you don’t miss a thing.”
Andrew Ross: “The great thing about a guided ride is that the tour leader will share their knowledge and passion for what is likely to be their home region. Not only will you learn a huge amount about the history and culture, but you’ll also get a genuine insight into life here. Whether you’re in a group or on a self guided trip, Italy is the perfect destination as cycling is ingrained within the culture.”



The best time to go on a cycling vacation in Italy is either side of the hotter months of Jun-Aug as more popular areas aren’t too crowded and the weather is warm without the risk of sudden storms. Cycling in May gives you a chance to catch a stage of the Giro d'Italia so factor this in if you’re a fan of following the pink jersey. Further south, in Amalfi, Puglia or Sicily, for example, the longer the cycling season extends with Oct offering an abundance of colour as well as comfortable temps before the rain kicks in during Nov. Read more on the best time to visit Italy.
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Written by Chris Owen
Cilento and Amalfi Coast cycling vacation, Italy

Cilento and Amalfi Coast cycling vacation, Italy

Rocky ridges set between small picturesque inlets

From US $1905 8 Days ex flights
Matera to Puglia cycle in Italy

Matera to Puglia cycle in Italy

Nestled between the Adriatic and Ionian seas

From US $1745 8 Days ex flights
Sardinia cycling holiday in Italy

Sardinia cycling vacation in Italy

Cycle past abandoned mines and gleaming white beaches

From US $1855 8 Days ex flights
Italy cycling vacation, Venice & Veneto

Italy cycling vacation, Venice & Veneto

Wonderfully easy cycling route exploring the pretty villages

From £1279 9 Days inc UK flights
Gran Fondo World Championships 2018 Varese bike tour

Gran Fondo World Championships 2018 Varese bike tour

Race the Uci Gran Fondo World Championships

From 3350 9 Days ex flights
Italy biking vacation, Piedmont region

Italy biking vacation, Piedmont region

Cycle at a slow pace in the birthplace of slow food

From 685 7 Days ex flights
Puglia cycling tour

Puglia cycling tour

Reasonable easy cycling. Excellent bikes. Good weather.

From £1399 8 Days inc UK flights
Umbria self guided biking holiday, Italy

Umbria self guided biking vacation, Italy

Easy cycling across ancient towns and vineyards

From 690 7 Days ex flights
Tuscany biking vacation through Siena & Chianti, Italy

Tuscany biking vacation through Siena & Chianti, Italy

Cycle the most evocative and romantic landscapes

From US $1645 8 Days ex flights
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