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This trip can be tailor made throughout the year to suit your requirements

Responsible tourism

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we screen every trip so you can travel knowing your vacation will help support conservation and local people.

Why these countries are so attractive to travelers all around the world? Because nature is stunning. Our responsibility is to keep clean the environment, otherwise, the charm will be lost. Our guides are taught to keep clean not only in tourist destinations but also to educate locals to do the same and integrate this idea with culture, to establish a new tradition not to litter and be responsible for the world we live in the plastic-free world.

Wildlife in Asia is well protected and the population of rare animals is growing. A big role plays Buddhistic way of life: to have harmony and balance in all. Lots of Nationals Parks and Sanctuaries are supported only from tourism income and it is obvious when you enter those places: no hunting, no ritual killings, roads to mark the area for people routes and the rest is given for the wildlife inhabitants. We do not promote and do not support any activities that can harm wildlife. No need to say it is not encouraged to feed wild animals or to throw food where they can get it. Why? It causes poisonings, animals get used to humans easily and, the most significant reason, in order to access easy food animals can become angry and dangerous for people, destroy villager's houses and fields.

Water has never been a problem for the Himalayas region but you should forget about bottled mineral water during our tours as we are against the use of plastic. Our guides are well trained and know spots where to get spring water and refill your bottle, or we use water purifying tablets to clean the water. In places where we use bottled mineral water, like in big cities, please consult with our guides on how to utilize the plastic wisely.

The solar panel is a good source to charge your devices on the go and still many tea and guesthouses use solar panels as their only way to have electricity.

The Impacts of this Trip

As being a local company we support local business: promoting homestays if possible to give families opportunity in additional income, local owned guest and tea houses, buying food from farmers that are organic products and create a demand in agriculture. We promote local cuisine as it requires not imported foods to prepare. By ordering western food you support import business, not always run by locals. We ask everyone to be humble during the trip and spend 21 days as a local: live, eat and sleep as we do. The best way is not to observe on distance but to try it personally. Dal Bhat carries the same name everywhere, but he tastes differs from place to place, from house to house along with masala tea.

We promote the traditions and cultures of every country, also we don't want them to receive influence from outside. That's why during the festivals and rituals we invite our travelers to take an active part in everything that is happening and share the moments of joy with locals in a respective manner.

We promote small tour groups and tailor-made trips to make the best for everyone.


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