Snow Leopard trek in Nepal

US $3600ToUS $4100 including domestic flights only
20 Days
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Fully untouched and unexplored trail in Nepal! Min 2 pax required. Final price depends on the season and the size of the group.
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Description of Snow Leopard trek in Nepal

Price information

US $3600ToUS $4100 including domestic flights only
Fully untouched and unexplored trail in Nepal! Min 2 pax required. Final price depends on the season and the size of the group.
Please contact us for your personal quote.
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2023: 20 Feb, 15 Dec
2024: 11 Feb, 20 Dec

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The idea is to create a balance between nature, culture, locals and adventurers. This trek is amazingly showing real Nepal, its pristine beauty and rich fauna and flora world. Thankfully to many local and overseas programs, the population of snow leopards is increasing every year and it can be spotted often in remote places. The reason for extinction is always a human factor - there is a war between locals and leopards as they often attack sheeps, goats, cows, etc. There is also a bone and fur trafficking for luxury or medicine. By attending this trek we attract attention to this problem. There are several committees that are focused on destroying traps, freeing captured leopards from cages and so on. We will learn about it more once we get there and know the ways to be a part of a conservation project.

This area is clean because it is quite remote and not an easy destination as for locals, same for foreign travelers so it is important not to litter, not to leave any traces behind. During this trek, we will have a team of porters to carry out everything that we bring with us on this trek.

It is a camping trek where we bring mostly all the proper food, tents, sleeping equipment, gas cookers, kitchenware, solar pannels with us so this trek is very natural, not bringing any harm to the environment.

Nepal is very rich on clean pure spring waters and we will refill our BPA-free bottles from the streams and rivers, using water purifying tablets or boiling water.

We humbly ask you not to bring any plastic with you on this trek like disposable items (shampoo, soap, bags, snacks, etc.) If you do, don't leave it behind you anywhere, same as tissues. Let's keep it clean and tidy.

This is a walking trek, where we will take a very short flight and a jeep ride to get to the starting point.


To benefit ethnic local people, this trek is completely run by locals: authorised guides and porters are from Dolpo area who were born and raised here, have huge trekking experience in this part of Nepal and got all the required training and permits to lead groups. We provide them with excellent working conditions: salary, insurance, clothes, shoes, equipment, meals, accommodation. We provide them with once in a year training to increase their skills and knowledge.

There many institutions that require volunteering and support: schools, hospitals, nursery, evening schools for elders. Or it is teaching in schools, or educating daily simple things like hygiene, or donating funds for lunches, equipment, clothes, books, pens, notebooks, toys or simply some sweets. If you have a wish to help during this trek please consult with us in advance and we will recommend to you what is best for people. Just giving the money directly can be problematic as the level of corruption is high, but bringing already made stuffs are the best options.

There will always be a possibility to visit handicrafts shops that make things from recycled materials. You can get gifts like bags, scarfs, jewellery, art, monuments and so on. In this way, you will support locals a lot as farming is almost impossible in that area to make on living.

People are very conservative, we ask you to dress properly with respect. Respect their customs and traditions which are extremely different from any others.

Greet each other on the way, learn some Nepali language, teach your own language. English is not common there as in the central part of Nepal.

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