Luxury culture vacation in Oman

“A week long, tailor made vacation in Oman, packed with culture, landscape and unadulterated luxury.”


Muscat | Grand Mosque | Muttrah souk | Bait Al Zubair Museum | Nakhl | Hajar Mountains | Wadi Bani Auf | Bilad Sayt village | Misfat Al Abreen villages | Al Hoota caves |NIzwa | Jabreen castle | Al Hamra village | Wadi of Maedeen | Wahiba Sands Bedouin Camp | Wadi Bani Khalid | Ras Al Jinz | Sur

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This trip can be tailor made throughout the year to suit your requirements
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Small group cultural tours

These tours are unique in that they bring you into contact with some of the world’s most fascinating cultures in iconic locations, where those people actually deliver the experience or are central to your trip. You will see a destination through the eyes of the local people and you will stay with them for part of the trip in traditional and comfortable accommodation to get to know them and to learn about their ways and beliefs. Itineraries are pre-planned and they may vary slightly according to various things, but they will always give you the best experience possible. The mix of genuine contact with a culture, exciting and traditional activities, iconic locations and traditional and contemporary accommodation will leave you refreshed, inspired and informed –with some beautiful memories and maybe some new contacts too!

Responsible tourism

Luxury culture vacation in Oman

Carbon reduction

Your vacation will help support local people and conservation. We must also reduce CO2. Learn about the CO2 emissions of this vacation and how to reduce them.


Our Omani partner and the guides have a deep respect for their environment, which is natural given their heritage of having lived in these areas and off the land. This has been the basis of and has been developed into an official environmental policy that governs the operation of these programmes. The policy seeks to minimise the impact of visitors to the areas through limiting the use of vehicles as far as possible, removal of waste and any detrimental trace of the visit, recycling materials and protecting natural landscapes and wildlife. Our travelers will receive a Responsible Traveler Charter or Code of Conduct within their trip pack.


The guides are Omani Nationals who have a natural association with the local people and knowledge of their history, culture and lifestyle which they share with visitors. They are local experts and some of them belong to the same tribe that has strong links with the local Bedouin people, with whom they interact on a regular basis. They are Omanis who know the Bedouin lifestyle and their customs and cultures very well. Your guide will be with you from the start of the tour to its end.

During the trip you will visit farming people in the Mountain villages and you will spend 2 days in a Bedouin Desert Camp, where you will meet the Bedouin people. You will also visit and meet the fishing communities in Sur. The itinerary is designed to allow you to spend valuable time with them to gain an understanding of their beliefs and way of life, while taking part in traditional activities where possible. You will have the opportunity to buy things that they have produced and this is done in an ethical way to provide a useful source of income for the people, without introducing any detrimental influence of over commercialisation.

These experiences are designed to offer greater cross cultural understanding between the local culture and the visitor, by promoting genuine contact within an enjoyable vacation experience. We are working with our local partner to deliver a unique set of enjoyable and inspiring cultural insights for the visitor. We hope you will come home refreshed, inspired and with memories and a greater understanding of another culture that may even have an influence on your way of living back home. Within this Oman experience, it is an insight into the lives of the mountain village people, the Bedouin of the desert sands and the fishing people of Sur. You will do this by enjoying the landscape, taking part in traditional activities and getting to understand their ways and beliefs just by being with them and talking around a fire or on the trip.

We have not identified a local charity to support yet so we will donate a proportion of the income we receive to an International charity of choice, which at this time is Wateraid.

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