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US $3230 excluding flights
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2022: 11 Dec, 13 Dec, 14 Dec, 27 Dec, 28 Dec
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Think Africa, think golden sunsets silhouetting the long necks of giraffes picking leaves from trees, and wild landscapes extending as far as the eye ...

Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) vacation so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


On this tour, we visit Jamestown—one of Accra’s most historic neighborhoods, where history resides on every corner. Best known for its lighthouses (the first of which was constructed in 1875 by the British) as a navigational aid for trading vessels sailing through the Gulf of Guinea. The original structure was ruined but a larger and more improved lighthouse completed in 1921. The entrance fees paid are used for maintaining these historic sites.
We also stop at Shai Hills reserve for game viewing by driving through the reserve for about 5 km to view various animals including antelopes, bushbucks, baboons, other animals and several bird species. You will have the opportunity to learn about the various artefacts found in the reserve, which is the homeland of the Krobo ethnic group. You may also visit the caves, which is of historic importance to the Krobos and other tribes.
At Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary, the monkeys live in their natural habit without being disturbed by the inhabitants of the village Tafi Atome. Proceeds from visitors are used to provide basic amenities like provision of bore hole water, building and maintenance of their schools. Also dustbins are provided to prevent littering of the forest.
At the eco-tourism sites like Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary, the monkeys are seen as totems as such are sacred and no one is allowed to harm them. In the government designated parks like Shai Hills Reserve, there are trained rangers who protect these natural parks.
Our trips are designed for destinations that are committed to our policy on responsible travel where their practices conserve nature and the environment as well as the local heritage.
We ensure the places we visit are still intact just as we visited with no littering or practices that will temper with their natural state.


This tour offers you a one of a kind neighborhood experience and advantages to the communities visited in light of the fact that all the site charges you pay are utilized for the advancement of those communities.

Most of the accommodations used on these trip are locally owned by the people in those destinations.

This helps to give back to the communities something of monetary value and to ensure that our visit impact positively on those communities by patronizing local products produced within the community. We also ensure that our visits do not in any way infringe on the local customs and beliefs of the people.

Due to the solid connection we have with the communities, we offer periodic training for the local tour guides who are assets for our explorers on their visits. In this regard, we create work for the people in the neighborhood. We additionally work with community leaders and other stakeholders to ensure the maintenance of the local culture.

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