Ethiopia birdwatching vacation in Bale Mountains

Spend 10 days birdwatching in beautiful Ethiopia, accompanied by local guides, discovering culture, wildlife and history along the way.
Addis Ababa Awassa Dinsho 15km trek to Finca’a Habera Gaysay Valley trek Sannete Plateau Harena Forest Lake Langano Shala and Abyata National Parks
£1447 excluding flights
10 Days
Tailor made
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£1447 excluding flights
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This trip can be tailormade at a time to suit you and can be adapted to suit your interests, budget and requirements as necessary. Minimum 2 people

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Bird watching
Meet a good birding guide and you realise that the image of birders as people who are only driven by one thing in life, to sight a certain species, is...
Many destinations are described as being "a step back in time" for travelers – but in Ethiopia you can take this literally. The Ethiopian calendar is...

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Dietary Requirements:
A wide array of vegan options are available in Ethiopia. If you are a vegan or vegetarian, this trip is for you. Based on your meal requirements, veg/vegan dishes will be provided on both breakfast and dinner times.


5 Reviews of Ethiopia birdwatching vacation in Bale Mountains

4.5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on 12 Dec 2018 by

Most memorable was the stunning and very diverse scenery we passed through whilst traveling the countryside, the very interesting birds and wildlife and the friendly cheery people. Read full review

Reviewed on 01 Feb 2018 by

Overall seeing 306 bird species was my highlight. Specifically the drive across the Sanetti Plateau. Read full review

Reviewed on 28 Nov 2017 by

There were so many memorable times that it's difficult to choose, but highlights were birdwatching while eating lunch overlooking Bishoftu Lake far below; walking in Awash National Park guided by Mohamed and eating traditional food overlooking Awash Falls; staying at Sabana Resort and swimming in Lake Lagano... Read full review

Reviewed on 22 Jan 2014 by

Ethiopia is a most diverse and interesting place to visit. I would recommend it to anyone. The tour was excellent for anyone wanting to take in the culture, history and natural wildlife of the country. We really enjoyed the different aspects of the vacation - national parks, history, culture. Exciting place!! Read full review

Reviewed on 28 May 2012 by

Very good organization - excellent choice of National Parks and excellent guides - and a very good careful driver...Excellent - would recommend this operator to anyone wishing to go to Ethiopia who is interested in wildlife and the National Parks. Read full review

Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) vacation so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.

Planet and people

By booking this tour you will support the development and conservation efforts of the park and add income to the families of the small restaurants and shop owners who provide services for the visitors. Families will also have the chance to provide their children with an education. When you visit the park you will stay in lodges run by the park. Accommodations outside the park are run and owned by the locals. Unless are unavailable, they hire their staff and get their needs from the locals sources.

The park has an environmental conservation policy which helps protect the ecosystem, the wildlife, and the local community. Accommodations also have put in place energy usage, waste minimization, and economic policies like employing their staff from the local communities, purchasing their resources from the local market, and giving away plastic materials to recycling agencies.

All our guides are professionals and are very well trained. All of them but one are locals residents. We hire scouts from the park and cooks from the community. Also for your trekking arrangements, we hire mules from the local farmers and purchase most of the items that are necessary for your stay from local shops. For you to have a better knowledge of the places you visit, we will provide you accurate pre-trip information. And in order for you to have a better understanding of the places, the environment, and the local community we will supply you with our Travelers Code of Conduct which is also supplied to our staff and local suppliers.

This trip also helps a project on our list named 'Yezelalem Minch'. It is founded by a woman once in a foster home and who now works with a vision of seeing needy orphans and vulnerable children are cared for. It is highly appreciated if you can bring some little gifts for the children. Your contributions small or large, allow the initiative to address the needs of these marginalized children.

As an environmental impact of the trip, we understand that the bad utilization and mismanagement of natural resources, waste, and the over use of energy are the major causes of land degradation and pollution. Thus we promote waste and energy usage minimizations and environmental friendly initiatives through our website and on our Travelers Code of Conduct. Accommodations have also put in place policies of environmental conservation, water and energy usages. They participate in conserving the environment and support various initiatives like '2 trees for 2000', a nation wide millennium initiative against the deforestation and land degradation in Ethiopia. They also help protect the environment by giving away plastic bags to recycling agencies.

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