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“Explore crumbling colonial cities, wildlife-rich islands and a beachside eco-lodge on this gem of a tailor made trip to Nicaragua’s most beguiling sights.”


Managua | León | Juan Venado Island | Granada | Las Isletas | Mombacho volcano | Ometepe Island | San Juan del Sur

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This trip can be tailor made to create a unique vacation for your individual requirements by travel experts with intimate knowledge of the destination. It is a more individual trip that will suit those who enjoy immersing themselves in new cultures and environments, with the flexibility to plan a trip at your own pace. Quality and value are the hallmark of these trips, with most services being provided on a private basis.

Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Nicaragua vacations, tailor made tour


Morgan's Rock was constructed with minimal impact on the surrounding environment and respect for local indigenous communities.
All structures were built in harmony with the existing slopes and trees with minimal earth movement and cutting of trees.
The lodge's 15 luxury bungalows were built and are furnished with sustainable wood products from a furniture company based in Managua. This wood is certified by SmartWood and pieces are marked with a label stating the source of the wood, species, and date manufactured.
The lodge interior is inspired by the colours and traditions of local indigenous cultures, features include unique designs using sustainably sourced hardwoods from the property itself.

Solar panels are used to heat the bath water with use of a centralized system for gray and black water with a bio filter system. Treated water is used for irrigation.

Nearly half of the 4,000 acre property has been designated a Private Reserve (Reserva Silvestre El Aguacate). Through reforestation, tree planting, environmental awareness and education Morgan's Rock helps defend this important natural area against poaching, illegal logging and deforestation. Thanks to the planting of hundreds of thousands of trees and an ongoing vigilance to keep poachers off of the land wildlife has increased all over the property since the lodge opened in 2004. This protected area represents one of the last large sanctuaries, critical to the conservation of regional wildlife habitat along Central America's Pacific coast. Sustainability has been key in the construction and design of the lodge from the very beginning.

Since the owners purchased the land in the mid 90´s more than 2 million trees (fruit, teak, and other sustainable forestry trees) have been planted on the property. These will be harvested in the next 10-20 years, and then new trees will be planted in their place. This method of "tree farming" represents an alternative to traditional or illegal logging, which threatens Nicaragua's precious forests. The benefits reaped by this sustainable forestry program will last for many generations.
There is an organic working farm on the property, providing approximately 60% of the basic food used at the lodge. There is also an organic shrimp farm providing fresh, sustainably farmed seafood. The lodge frequently gets fresh seafood from local fishermen who use traditional fishing methods in the nearby waters. Sustainability initiatives such as these support the lodge in remaining relatively self-sufficient and allow us to operate with minimal negative impact on the surrounding environment

The entire lodge was designed to harmonize with nature. It was "carefully built to minimally impact the surrounding nature, creating a unique architectural blend of tropical comfort."


A key part of Morgan's Rock Hacienda & Ecolodge sustainability efforts is its involvement with the local community. Nearly all the employees are from the local area and they support the community by buying products from local vendors and farmers.

Fresh seafood is acquired from local fishermen who practice traditional fishing methods. Locally handmade artwork is featured in the lodge and around the property. You may notice a beautiful ceramic pot near the pool or artwork inspired by the indigenous people of Nicaragua in the bungalows - The Morgans Rock pottery collection, dispersed throughout the lodge, features pieces hand-crafted by artisans in San Juan de Oriente, a village steeped in the tradition of pottery making. The art form is a vital source of sustainable income for the artisans and their family and Morgans Rock are happy to support it.

Want to meet some locals and learn first-hand about the Nicaraguan lifestyle? Great! It's an easy visit to the town of San Juan del Oriente, where colourful clay pottery and handicrafts can be found. Visitors can meet the artisans, watch them at work, and buy some gorgeous souvenirs to take home - all while supporting this community and their longstanding artistic heritage.

The lodge also supports regional schools through funding, teacher training, and donations from both the lodge and guests.

Morgans Rock believe deeply in the power of equipping Nicaraguan schoolchildren with the education and technical tools needed to propel themselves forward - that the result will be long term preservation of heritage, protection of natural resources, and an empowered, healthy, vibrant generation of young people

Together with the NicaFrance Foundation Morgans Rock provide workshops and activities to strengthen the process of teaching and learning. These programs aim to instill children with a positive attitude of change, creativity and desire to attain their goals. Donations (often from hotel guests) have included backpacks filled with school supplies, school uniforms, equipment, and nutritious foods. They also contribute to school maintenance. Local schoolteachers have been thoroughly trained (with the help of an education specialist) and equipped with teaching strategies and technical tools. Thus, through their work they can improve education for local schoolchildren, paving the way for a better future.

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