Tasmania & Western Australia walking vacation

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This trip can be tailor made to create a unique vacation for your individual requirements by travel experts with intimate knowledge of the destination. It is a more individual trip that will suit those who enjoy immersing themselves in new cultures and environments, with the flexibility to plan a trip at your own pace. Quality and value are the hallmark of these trips, with most services being provided on a private basis.

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As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we screen every trip so you can travel knowing your vacation will help support conservation and local people.

As one of the world's last natural wilderness areas, Tasmania is home to breath-taking landscapes, unique wildlife, and protected National Parks. As travelers, we have a responsibility to minimise our impact on the places we visit and so this itinerary has been carefully designed to showcase the true highlights of Tasmania, in a responsible and sustainable way to make sure that the environment maintains its natural beauty.

The four-day Maria Island Walk at the start of this itinerary has been hand selected for the principles on which it stands for. Sustainability and protection of the natural wilderness are prominent throughout the tour, and have been embraced in the construction of the semi-permanent tents that feature on the walk as well as by the local guides who are passionate about their home. The eco-friendly tents have been designed to blend in with the local bushland and minimise environmental impact, using composting toilets and careful water usage. The guides’ expert knowledge of the local flora and fauna is astounding, and their enthusiasm is infectious, there is plenty to learn about how they are playing their part in protecting and maintaining the natural beauty of the land they call home. Throughout the walk there are generous servings of some of Tasmania’s finest local produce.

The Cape to Cape walk offers sweeping coastlines and stunning views, vastly different from those of the Tasmanian National Parks. Walking the land gives you the opportunity to discover the untouched wilderness of the Western Australian coast, with minimum impact on the environment. The walk has been selected because of the progressive ecotourism values that are incorporated into the trip, such as the eco-fire places that overlook the panoramic ocean views. In addition to remarkable views, the tour offers delicious food and wine from local producers and wineries within the region. A number of these wineries are now implementing conservation practices to protect the local environment and maintain of course, a production of good quality wines.

The Impacts of this Trip

Rottnest Island is a place known for its pristine, abundant bird population and plethora of coral and tropical fish. It comes as no surprise that the island is listed as an Important Bird and Biodiversity Area (IBA) and is renowned for its high conversation and community values. All of the island’s life Is protected, so that it can be enjoyed for many future generations to come.

Wherever we can, we use local people and businesses as our partners in destinations. Not only do we feel this gives you the best experience, it also brings benefits to local communities. The benefit also spreads further. Local people are motivated to preserve what attracts visitors, be it the culture, wildlife or environment. We’re committed to making your trip have a positive effect on the destination you’re visiting. When you arrive in country we will provide a list of local businesses and restaurants that we recommend and are confident support the local community and economy within which it exists. One example of this is the Wildflower restaurant in the state buildings in Perth. The Wildflower menu is based on and changes in line with the six seasons of the Noongar indigenous calendar, promoting an awareness of the local aboriginal community and their principles, most notably the principles of using local resources.

We also work with a local charity whose purpose it is to educate local communities, particularly children, on the impact that plastics have on our oceans and to encourage citizens to take 3 pieces of plastic every time they visit a beach or waterway in order to aid the global clean-up movement. We are so dedicated to this we will be sending a team of staff members down to Australia to volunteer with this charity, promoting them on social media and helping with the cleanup effort.

This itinerary has been carefully designed to take in the highlights of Tasmania and Western Australia, underpinned by sustainable travel methods and with the aim of minimising the impact on the environment and supporting the local community to preserve the natural beauty and identity of these two spectacular locations.


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