If you like your vacations action packed rather than super chilled, then a land based activity vacation could be just the ticket. Not only will you keep the adrenalin pumping on a daily basis, you’ll do so in gorgeous surroundings, with a bit of local culture thrown in too. With land based activities, the main focus is on hiking, biking and jumping off mountains, rather than on over and under the water pursuits.
Jumping into canyons, hurtling down hills or strolling through a forest; land based activity vacations are as hardcore or as gentle as you make them, but they’re never short on adventure.
Unlike a single activity break, you don’t have to spend the entire time doing one thing; you’ll be mixing the tried and tested with the new and adventurous. You could head to Costa Rica to hike through rainforest and zip line through the trees; to Spain for some horse riding, climbing and gentle strolls though ancient towns; or to Thailand for city exploration and off-road hijinks. The possibilities keep on coming. Find out more in our land based activity vacations guide.


What types?

What types of land based activity are there?

Take a land based activity vacation and you can work up a sweat in a multitude of different ways. Many involve walking in some way, shape or form, whether it be full-on scrambles up a mountainside, hiking through tropical forests, trekking through hilltribe villages or gentle local walks near your accommodation. Biking is popular, too – from hopping on to mountain bikes to negotiate hillside trails to dodging the traffic to explore vibrant cities such as Bangkok or Chiang Mai. You might also get to climb, scramble and slide your way through gorges and caves with a bit of canyoning; scale a mountainside for a day or two of rock climbing; get in the saddle to explore the countryside on horseback; or take to the skies with a day of paragliding.
How tough?

How tough are they?

Land based activity vacations range from easy to challenging, though a decent level of fitness is required for most trips as you’ll probably do some long walks as well as cycling. Some vacations will involve staying in comfortable hotels with plenty of downtime built in, while others will be more like an expedition, with challenging hikes, cycling and other activities, plus nights spend in the wilderness under canvas. For the most part, you won’t have to haul around your own gear. If you’re moving from place to place luggage is usually transferred for you, allowing you to do your thing with nothing more than a daypack, a bottle of water and the spirit of adventure.
Small group or tailor made?

Small group or tailor made?

Joining a group of around eight to 12 likeminded people takes the pressure off on the organisational front. You get the advantages of traveling with a knowledgeable guide, plus there’s the camaraderie of sharing the adrenalin highs (as well as the aches and pains) with your fellow travelers. Expert guides know all the secret spots and will ensure that the activities run smoothly and that everyone gets the most out of the experience. You just need to turn up with an open mind.
The advantage of taking a tailor made tour is that the range of activities can be selected and adapted to suit you and any other members of your party. You choose your destination, your accommodation and the activities you would like to do and then hand the organisation over to your tour operator. You’ll be able to go at your own pace and won’t have to worry about keeping up with the group.

Our top Land based multi activity Vacation

Costa Rica Wildlife tour, tailor made

Costa Rica Wildlife tour, tailor made

Visit one of most biologically intense places on earth

From US $2850 11 days ex flights
Tailor made:
This trip can be tailor made throughout the year to suit your requirements
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Family friendly?

Are they family friendly?

In a word, yes. Many operators offer land based activity vacations aimed at families. Small group tours are best suited to older children and teenagers, who will appreciate having kids of a similar age to socialise with; and the guides are usually used to working with kids of varying ages. If you’re traveling with younger children, then a tailor made vacation including gentler walks and cycles and bypassing some of the more adventurous activities is probably your best bet.
Nomadic or center based?

Nomadic or center based?

If you like to come home to familiar comforts after a day’s adventure, then you could choose a center based vacation where you can do a different activity every day but return to the same place at night. This allows you plenty of time for outdoorsy fun, without the hassle of packing and unpacking.
Alternatively, if you’re looking to channel your inner nomad then you could choose a trip that takes you from place to place. You’ll stay in a variety of accommodation, usually with your bags being transferred for you, though on the odd trip you might have to carry your belongings yourself, particularly in remote areas.


On tailor made tours, accommodation very much depends on you and your preferences. Go on a small group tour and you could stay in anything from hotels to jungle huts to local homestays to campgrounds, or even full on wild camping. Opt for a camping trip and you and your fellow trip mates should be prepared to pitch in and help the guide set up and take down the camp, but that’s all part of the bonding experience.
Written by Nana Luckham
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