Sicily delivers the warm sun and bright blue seas that delight kids of all ages, but it’s way more than just a family beach break destination. Kids and teens with a taste for history will appreciate the impressive Greek and Roman ruins, while the island’s natural and nutritional wonders will keep all ages happy. Who isn’t impressed by erupting volcanoes, steaming vents, thermal springs, mud baths and black beaches? And once you’ve hiked, kayaked, snorkelled and explored, Sicily’s exceptional food will refuel in fine style – its granita and cakes, including cannoli stuffed with a creamy ricotta filling, are delicious highlights.


Europe’s tallest active volcano

Sicily and its surrounding islands are studded with volcanoes. Explore Europe’s tallest active volcano, Mount Etna, via jeep or on foot, and stay on Vulcano and Stromboli in the Aeolian Islands to climb around craters, witness lava erupting and steaming vents, kayak to caves and black sand beaches and soak in thermal springs.

Excellent food

Sicily’s excellent food will delight juvenile tastebuds, with gelato, granita and wonderful pastries satisfying sweet teeth and pasta with rich tomato sauces, cheese, salami and pizza filling rumbling tums. The street snack scene is Sicily’s answer to fast food, while shopping in markets is a fantastic lesson in the joy of eating fresh and local.


In summer, Sicily’s beaches beckon, and some of the Mediterranean’s most pristine waters lap its mix of sandy and pebbly shores, where you can sea kayak, snorkel and swim. For watery fun with a difference, there’s body rafting on the Alcantara River. Cycling trails take you through idyllic countryside and hikes can be kept short but sweet, with a swim and a gelato the finale.
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Marta Marinelli, from our supplier Exodus, explains what makes Sicily great for families:
“Most of the hotels and beaches in Sicily are family friendly, offering facilities such as play areas and a safe, calm sea to play in. A lot of the historic centers in the small towns offer pedestrian areas where families with kids can wander stress free. Not to mention all the yummy food specialities which kids will love such as arancini, cannoli and granita with brioche.”
Written by Joanna Simmons
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