Northern Cyprus eco accomodation, double room

€180To€200 per accommodation per 3 nights
Kisla Sok. No 43 Mehmetçik Iskele
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Price depends on season - Price includes accommodation and breakfast Extras: Dining in the Restaurant, transfer, rent a car, tailor made tours
10% Early Booking offer for all reservations made before 31st March. Make reservation early and save 10%
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Description of Northern Cyprus eco accomodation, double room

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Northern Cyprus
EU annexation has left Northern Cyprus like a time capsule, especially in the ancient cities of Famagusta and Salamis where archaeological excavations...
Rural accommodation
Is there anything more sublime than sitting outside on a balmy night, sipping a cold glass of something local with nothing around you except the sound...

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We are located in a historical village in Cyprus, with unique scenery and preserved culture. This village has been iconic through Cyprus War with its great location. Moreover, the village is known with Grape- Yards and processed grape products of Wine, Zivania (a Cypriot Alcoholic Beverage), and grape sucuques.

We are proud of this history, and as young ambassadors of the region, we must protect this environment for the next generations. To protect Mehmetçik Region;

We collaborated with the municipality to update the regional planning of Mehmetçik. The new plan restricts building new houses in useful farm plants and encourages citizens to follow sustainable development practices.

We collaborated with Shopkeepers, Artisans, and Producers Marketing Cooperative and built Northern Cyprus’s first Zivania Factory in Mehmetçik. This Zivania Factory brings grapeyards owners in one central production facility to produce Cypriot Alcoholic Beverage called Zivania in European Union Standards. This factory created a new synergy in the rural Mehmetçik Region and provided an extra income for suppliers.

We collaborate with Shopkeepers, Artisans, and Producers Marketing Cooperative to regularly educate the farmers on the latest advances in agriculture technologies to prevent excessive use of pesticides and water.

Mehmetçik Winter Lake is a seasonal lake located at the village's entrance. The lake is a home for various flamingoes, ducks, lizards, etc. We collaborated with Cittaslow Network and Taskent Wildlife Nature Park and created a Mehmetçik Trekking Road to protect the wildlife in the lake. This trekking road has two birdwatching houses for visitors and strictly separates the visitors from wild animals.

Climate change in Cyprus will result in approximately 15% of rainfall reductions between 2020 and 2050. Climate change resulted in a long-going drought in the region.


Local professionals in the Mehmetçik Region organize our tour. Mehmetçik is a small community of people, which had much immigration towards big cities and abroad. Our team is a proud team of locals, which stays in Mehmetçik and aims to develop the Mehmetçik Region with sustainable tourism practices. You will feel that you are part of the community through bonding with Mediterranean Hospitality and warmth.

Mehmetçik Region is facing immigration towards cities and abroad. To overcome this situation, we employ local citizens to provide them meaningful jobs and prevent immigration. Successful female entrepreneurs of the region lead our team. We reflect the young and women employed in the area.

Furthermore, we are the official partner of three regional social communities in the region, Cittaslow Mehmetçik, Mehmetçik Culture Society, Iskele - Karpaz Youth Community. We do not only partner with locals, but we are locals. We are an open consultation house for the community to improve the social needs of the Mehmetçik Region.

Our team is an official partner of European Union projects. We host different social projects for young entrepreneurship, elderly care, climate action. Our latest project was to promote educate the daily care of Elderly Citizens.

Our team is the initiators of Mehmetçik Regional Planning. This plan aims to protect the natural landscape of Mehmetçik Village by restricting buildings to more than two floors and making new construction on valuable farmlands.

FAIR DEAL: We employ 100% locals. Furthermore, we partner with Kumyali Vocational High School and employ tourism and hospitality students in the school. We support high school students by providing them an experience of sustainable tourism practices and financial income. We work with the Ministry of Tourism for the continuous development of our employees under specific certification programs.

We are a team of locals who support sustainable tourism. We provide accommodation in only family businesses hosted by Cypriot Families.

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