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B&B self drive tour of Tasmania, meet the locals

Enjoy the best of Australia's wilderness island state, on this B&B self drive tour of Tasmania, meeting the locals along the way as you travel from north to south, and east to west. On this self drive vacation you will be staying in authentic farm stays and family run bed and breakfasts, wilderness cabins and convict built cottages where you will have the chance to meet local islanders, including many who are deeply immersed in wildlife and environmental conservation in this magical island that become the life-raft for mainland Australia's long lost species over ten thousand years ago. Your drives, from 45 minutes to no more than three and a half hours at a time, will take you through some ...Read more >
From AU $1,495 excluding flights

Tasmania wildlife tour

Tasmania is one of the world's true Noah's Arks, with many species that can be found nowhere else in the world, and this Tasmania wildlife tour helps you discover it all. When the land bridge flooded that separated Tasmania from the mainland, it became a life raft for species that would be wiped out by the arrival of the early settlers on mainland Australia. Prolific, unafraid, at once beautiful, comical, weird and wonderful, Tasmania's wildlife will leave you captivated. With careful planning and local inside knowledge, the species of marsupial and monotreme that you can see in the wild include Tasmanian devils, Quolls, Wombats, Possums, Kangaroos, Wallabies, Pademelons, Bettongs, ...Read more >
From AU $1,995 excluding flights

Tasmania self guided biking vacation, Australia

Take to two wheels on this Tasmania self guided cycling vacation, Australia. There are few places in the world more perfect and picturesque for a cycling vacation than Tasmania's east coast. Cyclists will love the long stretches of gently undulating, empty roads - described as 'flat' by locals but in fact only in comparison to Tasmania's dramatic West Coast and majestic Central Highlands that stretch far into the horizon, with mountain range after mountain range as far as the eye can sea. Long stretches of easy cycling are tempered by gently undulating inclines and the occasional hill to add some puff and reward you with ravishing views long white sand beaches fringed with orange granite ...Read more >
From AU $1,200 excluding flights

Tasmania self drive vacation for Australians

Tasmania: home to the Tasmanian devil, award-winning produce, unpolluted air blown straight in from the Southern Ocean and vast swathes of accessible wilderness like nowhere you will have ever seen before. Australia's only island state is a short flight from several Australian airports, making it an easy yet utterly unique vacation destination from the mainland. Those wishing to bring their own car can make an easy voyage across the Bass Strait from Victoria. Despite its proximity to the mainland you could be venturing into another world, a hidden paradise, the land that time forgot. What awaits is a mesmerising island of mysterious forests, deep lakes, wild rivers, pristine beaches, ...Read more >
From AU $1,495 excluding flights

Vacation to Tasmania for New Zealanders

Tasmania - Australia's only island state - is an easy journey from New Zealand. At 40 degrees South, it lies just an hour or so from Melbourne and Sydney, yet in the relatively short time it takes to get there, you might as well have landed in another world. Excitement builds as your plane begins its descent over seemingly endless mountain ranges, stretching as far as the eye can see, all deeply forested and carved up by wild rivers and deep, dark lakes and pockets of rich pastures. As your plane banks you will see that the island is fringed by startling white sand beaches lapped by brilliant turquoise seas. Any sign of civilisation is all but invisible until you land at Hobart ...Read more >
From AU $2,995 excluding flights

Tasmania fishing vacation

This Tasmania fishing vacation takes you to the island that was the birthplace of trout fishing in the Southern Hemisphere. One hundred and fifty years ago brown trout ova were packed in moss and ice and transported successfully, on the third attempt, from the UK to Hobart, from where they were taken by horseback all over Tasmania, Australia, onwards to New Zealand and further field. In the year that celebrates this remarkable anniversary, one of the Tasmania's most breath-taking World Heritage wilderness lodges is also due to open, Pumphouse Point, located 250 metres from the shore of Lake St Clair, Australia's deepest lake, and one of the finest fly fishing spots in the world. Tasmania ...Read more >
From AU $2,195 excluding flights

3 day Kangaroo Island wildlife tour

Kangaroo Island is Australia's third largest island, and to the astonishment of most visitors, it is the size of Bali or Long Island in New York. With over 300 miles of pristine, rugged coastline and 3400 square miles of diverse wildlife-rich landscapes, red dirt roads, sheep farms and bush, this island is best described as hidden Australia in miniature, and the only way to really get under the skin of its wild beauty is with the keen eyes and ears of your own local guide. For a three or four day classically Australian wildlife and birding encounter there is nowhere better in which to immerse and indulge your love of nature. The diverse geology, native vegetation and low population make ...Read more >
From AU $1,346 excluding flights
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