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Norway photography tour, Sami culture

This is a unique opportunity to join the Sami people in the arctic tundra on their seasonal trek! You'll follow their large herds of reindeer as they thunder through the snowy landscapes, learn about Sami culture, sleep in traditional lavvu tents, and soak up the magical snowy landscapes. You'll be guided by a professional photographer, so that you can be sure to go home with an impressive portfolio of images. A truly unique experience that's only available to a handful of people each year! The semi-nomadic Sami people move to different pastures twice a year, and as a participant on this photography workshop, you'll be part of the trek. You'll immerse yourself in the Sami's lifestyle and ...Read more >
From 3,780 excluding flights

Cuba photo vacation, Havana & Trinidad

Explore Cuba's most charismatic cities while improving your photography through guidance of an award-winning photographer. This 10-day photographic adventure takes you to Havana, Cuba's vibrant capital, and Trinidad, a city that seems frozen in time with its cobbled streets and colonial architecture. In both places, we'll be exploring Cuban culture through our lenses. You can expect to photograph colourful street scenes, live music events, and Cuba's iconic timeworn buildings and cars. We'll learn about Cuba's fascinating history and chat to Cubans about their every-day life. We'll also visit a tobacco factory and photograph the picturesque Ancon Beach. Our goal is to fully immerse ...Read more >
From 2,250 excluding flights

Brown bear photography vacation in Alaska

Get up close and personal with Alaskan brown bears in this once in a lifetime adventure. Ninety-five percent of brown bears in the US live in Alaska and Lake Clark is home to plenty of them. It’s a land of stunning beauty, where volcanoes steam, salmon run, and craggy mountains reflect in shimmering turquoise lakes. Here we will get the chance to watch and photograph bears in their natural habitat as they graze in the meadows, catch wild salmon, care for their cubs and walk the beaches along the mountainous landscape. We will drive around the terrain, guided by a bear behaviour expert and with the photographic insight of award-winning wildlife photographer Barrett Hedges. We will stay ...Read more >
From US $6,000 excluding flights

Amazon wildlife photography vacation in Peru

Discover the Amazon Rainforest through your lens during this wildlife photography workshop in Peru. It’s an opportunity to improve your technical skills, photograph an incredible range of wildlife, and spend some time in this stunning jungle. You can join with any photographic level, as you’ll be able to work at your own pace and focus on your own goals. On daily walks through the rainforest, you can expect to encounter large mammals, many monkeys, a vast array of tropical birds, and many reptiles and insects. You can practise macro photography, telelens photography, and anything in between. There are plenty of videography opportunities, too. You’ll be guided and tutored by wildlife ...Read more >
From £2,590 excluding flights

Namibia photography vacation

Explore and photograph Namibia’s striking red dune landscapes with the guidance from two professional landscape photographers. With its ancient deserts, dramatic canyons, distinctive rock formations, and glorious red sand dunes, there is no doubt that Namibia’s landscapes are a feast for landscape photographers. In this complete landscape photography workshop we guarantee breathtaking photographs of Namibia’s scenic highlights, including the magical Quiver Tree Forest, Fish River Canyon, the deserted mining town of Kolmanskop, the red dunes at the famous Sossusvlei and Dead Vlei in the Namib Desert, and the iconic Spitzkoppe Mountains. For the best lighting on our shoots many of our days ...Read more >
From 6,200 excluding flights

Madagascar Photography vacation

Not yet a primarily touristic location, Madagascar offers a vast amount of unspoiled beauty to explore and photograph. During this workshop, we will travel around the island to some of the most sought-after photographic landscapes where we will photograph villages, salt flats, the famous Baobab trees, protected lemurs, and geological formations. Coming to Madagascar, travelers encounter breath-taking views. The natural lights and shadows projected on the views make the experience unforgettable, and define this land as the once-in-a-lifetime experience that any adventurous would want to undertake! We will be staying in comfortable locations in our many destinations, within amazing ...Read more >
From 5,930 excluding flights

Wildlife photography internship in the Peruvian Amazon

If you’re a keen wildlife photographer, and you’d like to improve your skills and build a portfolio, this internship in the Amazon Rainforest is a great opportunity! During this internship, you’ll get the chance to capture an incredible abundance of wildlife in an incredible jungle setting. With the help of a professional guide, you will sharpen your photography skills, explore a variety of techniques, and learn new tricks. During your stay in the Peruvian Amazon, you can expect to photograph monkeys, jaguars, snakes, birds, and - of course - lots of creepy crawlies. There will be brilliant opportunities for macro photography, night photography, and also for videography. As you can join ...Read more >
From £1,095 excluding flights

Wildlife photography & conservation volunteering in south Africa

Join a volunteer project in South Africa, combining wildlife photography with contributing to conservation efforts, for four weeks. This is your chance to photograph amazing African wildlife, including lions, elephants and leopards, with expert tutorials from a professional photographer to help and support you. A love of photography and wildlife is all you need to join this trip, which is suitable for photographers of all levels and experience, from beginners to professionals. You will also be taught how to edit your photos in Lightroom, so some basic computer skills are required. As well as building up a wonderful and unique portfolio, you can also contribute your pictures to an online ...Read more >
From £2,295 excluding flights

Photography volunteer program in Cape Town

Embark on an exciting humanitarian photography program in Cape Town, South Africa! It's a great opportunity to contribute to grassroots charities through your photography, and to build a unique portfolio of images at the same time. You'll be guided by humanitarian photographer Anna Lusty, who will assist you throughout the experience. You'll start your program with a one-week workshop by Anna, which will teach you everything you need to know about photographing nonprofits in a South African context. It will prepare you for your individual assignments that you'll start from the second week; each week, you'll join a nonprofit organisation of your choice, and you'll have a chance to learn ...Read more >
From US $1,850 excluding flights

South Africa wildlife photography safari

Enjoy close encounters with lions and leopards, photograph elephants and rhinos, drink sun-downers under acacia trees, and get professional photographic tutoring at the same time during an exclusive wildlife photography workshop in South Africa. Set in a private game reserve in the Timbavati, this photo safari is a wildlife photography dream. The area is known for its incredible sightings of the African Big Five, including the elusive leopard.   Throughout the workshop, you’ll be guided by professional wildlife photographer Alan Hewitt, who will provide both theoretical and practical photographic tutoring and will help you become the best photographer you can be. The Timbavati, a ...Read more >
From £2,450 excluding flights
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