North India, Himalayas and Shimla toy train tour

“Tailor-made 2 week trip from Delhi featuring farm stays and camping as well as hikes to remote villages to help with community projects in the Himalayas.”


Delhi | Kutub Minar | Humayun Tomb | Shimla | British Raj tour | hike to Thali Village | plan school water filter programme | overnight farm stays and camping | Baror Village | Satluj Lake | hot springs | Taj Mahal & Agra Fort | Opportunities to participate in more community projects |

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Responsible tourism

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we screen every trip so you can travel knowing your vacation will help support conservation and local people.

Our promise to sustain the environment: Water education

Many of the places where we travel are environmentally pristine. We work with locals and those who travel with us to take simple actions to respect and protect the natural environment for this generation and the next.

On this trip you’ll see some practical initiatives we’ve taken alongside village groups to help them see the benefits of water conservation and protecting local water sources. One example is the mountain village of Ayu, where we have helped to install separate drinking water tanks and, in some cases, new water channels and pipes that remove dirty water.

We have also run several workshops in hilltop villages, where we make locals aware of how the impacts of artificial chemical cleaning products, used heavily in the UK and elsewhere, could damage local rivers, soils and drinking water supplies if not controlled. At the same time, we are able to promote the use of cheaper and effective natural materials for cleaning at home and for use as natural fertilisers for fields.

Our promise to sustain the environment: Wildlife

We give our travelers the opportunity to enjoy watching the abundant wildlife of northern India, including the rare Monal Bird - the state bird of Himachal Pradesh - monkeys, deer (Sambhar), tigers, snow leopards and wild boar. Wildlife watching trips are provided by experts who ensure that Travelers respect both the wildlife and their habitat.

In addition to this, along with village elders we are working on a plan that will support local villagers manage the increasingly difficult relationship between their farming land and livestock and the needs of indigenous wildlife which often destroys crops or harms livestock. As well as education of villagers in the Satluj valley in Himachal Pradesh, the plan will likely include provision and erection of rural fencing along sections of land in the village of Thali where wild animal corridors lead onto sensitive farming/livestock areas.

The Impacts of this Trip

Our promise to support our communities: Traveling with Respect

An important element of any of our trips is to enable interaction between Travelers and local communities. Our Founder Director grew up in this region and so we know how best to support local people and their economy.

In some of the hilltop villages, particularly around Shimla, we have helped bring together people from very different backgrounds and perspectives through joint cultural activities such as creating arts and crafts and playing sport.

Travelers spend time with villagers and by sharing in the daily lives of locals and joining in with their customs and traditions they develop a unique understanding and respect for them. What may look strange from the outside, such as why trees are worshiped and respected makes perfect sense once the Traveler understands why. At the same time, local people are equally as interested to find out more about western cultures.

The interactions we set up provide a platform for exchanging views, knowledge and understanding about different life styles. This mutual understanding and respect generated during these trips make for much more meaningful adventures.

Our promise to support our communities: Friends & neighbours

An important element of any of our trips is to enable interaction between Travelers and local communities. Our Founder Director grew up in this region and so we know how best to support local people and their economy.

Daily operation of any of our trips is done primarily by local people, whether those be guides, horsemen, cooks, drivers or guesthouse owners. Our 15 years’ operating in these areas has enabled us to build up an enviable local supply network with limited external resources being needed.

Not only to we believe working with local people is important for the on-going sustainability of mountain communities but also that having them involved at every stage of our trips provides a much more genuine and well-balanced experience for our Travelers. Our deep understanding of the region and connections there also means that we are more likely to be able to flex our Travelers itineraries for them during their trip, if they so wish.

Our guides are familiar with local restaurants, for example in Shimla, and asked to pass this information onto Travelers, along with help in ensuring they get to experience the local attractions. All this equates to genuine involvement from local people and real financial benefits flowing back to them.


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