Yoga and meditation vacation in India

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Yoga and meditation vacation in India


In this tour you will stay in the Ashrams. An ashram is the name traditionally given to a spiritual hermitage or a Hindu monastery built according to nature. Ashram architecture itself is nature based, it is designed without to be at one with nature and animals. In Ashrams they prefer natural sun light. Giving this kind of natural atmosphere will help people to achieve the levels in Yoga and Meditation.
Most of the Ashrams have almost zero impact on the environment. Normally Ashrams are surrounded by trees to attract birds - these birds making birdsong at morning is very relaxing for Abhyasi (yoga and maditation practitioner). In the bathrooms of Ashrams, they provide a bucket for bath for saving water. Ever Ashram meal is pure vegetarian. The concept of Ashrams itself is to protect the environment because without environment Ashrams can not exist. Plastic is totally banned in Ashrams, they use solar power for electricity, all the things provided to the Abhyasi is limited in amount. By doing this, Ashrams control unnecessary waste.


All the Ashrams in India are run by a group of people in guidance of a head Guru (main teacher) and these Ashrams are non profit organisations and they are involved in charity programmes in near by areas of Ashrams locations. They fund and hire people in the field of education, medical facilities, sanitation, conservations etc.
Most of the things are using in Ashrams are locally made and organic like dinner plates, bowls and spoons made of sustainable wood. All the linen is handmade. Yoga mats are made by Jute and coconut peel. Staff in Ashrams are hire locally and also all the necessary things supply by locals in the Ashrams. Ashrams also organize Yoga lessons in near by village free of coast for better health awareness. We recently contributed a sever line project of Ashram in village Ramgarh.
Our guests also requested to buy handmade product made locally by villegers like rugs, bamboo baskets, dust been etc.

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