Golden triangle homestay tour in India

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Golden triangle homestay tour in India


Our environmental sustainability starts from the office itself. We don't use any physical printouts. All our communication happens in e-format. We are now giving reusable and portable filter bottles that can remove upto 99.9% harmful bacteria and virus. This is to replace the usage of plastic bottles during the trip.

The vehicles we use are of BS-IV standard (equivalent to Euro 4) emission norms. It is currently the national emission standard followed in India. Responsible driving by our drivers ensures your safety and keeps the fuel consumption low

Cities like Delhi, Agra and Jaipur already have a great pressure on its resources because of massive population. By choosing to give you homestays, we reduce the consumption of water and electricity that often goes waste in bigger hotels. There is no requirement to use heavy power generators in homestays.

Raw material for your meals is sourced locally. Therefore there is less consumption of fuel during transportation. Your meals are planned responsibly keeping in mind minimal or no wastage of food.

Your rural experience in Jaipur is designed with minimal carbon footprint. Water is sourced responsibly and the homes you visit have no use of electricity during the day hours. Usually the houses in village are made of eco-friendly material like mud, hay and wood which does not require extra cooling mechanism.


For few years now, we have been supporting the puppet makers and storytellers through tourism. Their art of storytelling through puppet is an interesting art that needs to be preserved. It is our initiative to support them financially and thus keep the art alive.

All the homestays we use are run by local families. We are thus providing direct economic benefit to the community. None of our accommodations are owned by corporate houses. It also helps in giving you a more personal experience. More interaction with locals also encourages mutual acceptance and respect, and helps in eliminating stereotypes.

Your activity with the theater or dance group is usually with a group of artists who are skilled and in genuine need of support from such initiatives. By participating in these activities, you directly support their families. We often share a personal long term relationship with most of the artists and feel that it is our responsibility to give back to them.

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