Yoga and walking retreats in Spain

With a historic house as your base and the mountainous Valencian countryside on your doorstep, combine guided walks with yoga and organic, home-cooked vegan meals at one of our most popular yoga retreats
Morning chanting and breathing techniques morning Vinyasa yoga evening Yin based yoga guided meditation guided walking in the mountains and valleys relaxing by the pool three organic vegan meals a day
€695 excluding flights
6 Days
Small group
Group size
Maximum group size 10
Please note that for our Dec 10-15 retreat we have one space left discounted to 435 euros. The retreat include workshops on gratitude journalling, nutrition, anatomy, alignment and philosophy.
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Description of Yoga and walking retreats in Spain

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€695 excluding flights
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Vacation information

'Free from' food:
All of our delicious, plant-based meals are freshly made using locally sourced, organic and wholegrain ingredients. Many dishes are also gluten free. Our wonderful chefs are skilled at producing delicious meals for a range of different dietary needs. We like to see all of our guests happy.
Our retreat provides a safe and welcoming place for the LGBTQ travelers.
Traveling by train
From London St Pancras on Eurostar to Paris. Then train to Barcelona traveling onto Valencia or Alicante. Then bus to Retreat. via Valencia: Estimated journey time 14h 2m. Estimated journey cost 261€ - 543€. Via Alicante 15h 37m. Estimated journey cost 261€ - 552€.


8 Reviews of Yoga and walking retreats in Spain

5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on 19 Nov 2022 by

Delightful experience overall. Love the generosity around the whole experience, Namit's energy, the yoga, the walks, the workshops, the meditation, the small and very friendly group, the settings (magical!), the surroundings, the food... Read full review

Reviewed on 17 Nov 2019 by

The most memorable part of the vacation was meeting such a wonderful group of people - both instructors and fellow guests. Read full review

Reviewed on 04 Aug 2019 by

The most memorable part of the vacation was when we watched the sun rising on top of the hill... It was truly a magic moment. Read full review

Reviewed on 23 Jun 2019 by

This was the best place I have been. The activities are organised really well and are interesting. Don't miss the mountain hike, a great place to take a breath and reflect. Read full review

Reviewed on 16 Mar 2019 by

The location is so perfect I would have forgiven them if the yoga hadn’t been good, but it was excellent, especially the meditation. Read full review

Reviewed on 09 Oct 2019 by

I loved the food and the yoga classes. Read full review

Reviewed on 14 Oct 2018 by

It was all great - yoga, meditation, walks, food, people. I could not have had a better experience! Read full review

Reviewed on 04 Oct 2018 by

It was a truly wonderful experience. We didn't have the best weather for the week but it really didn't matter as the staff just created more workshops for us and I think we benefited more from that. Read full review

Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) vacation so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


- We actively recycle and the nearby village has recycle bins which we use regularly to recycle plastics, glass, paper, cardboard. We provide bins for recycling paper, plastics and glass in the kitchen for guests to use here.

- We do not print brochures - instead we provide all of our information electronically via the internet.

- Any information we do print is printed on paper from sustainable forestry.

- All washing is done at low temperatures.

- We encourage awareness for responsible usage of electricity and water. We have solar panels.

- Nearly everything here is locally sourced so as to limit transport and so minimise effects on the environment and minimise packaging waste.

- Most of our paper hygiene products - napkins, kitchen towels, toilet paper and so forth come from European companies which are committed to the environment, sustainable forestry and to recycling. Many of the products we use carry the FSC logo (Forest Stewardship Council, an international non-profit organization established in 1993 that promotes responsible management of the world's forests, i.e. sustainable forestry) or the EU Ecolabel. The EU Ecolabel helps identify products and services that have a reduced environmental impact throughout their life cycle, from the extraction of raw material through to production, use and disposal.

- Nearly all of our lighting is with energy saving light bulbs again to reduce the impact on the environment.

- Our yoga products are friendly to the environment. Our yoga straps are made from organic cotton so that pesticides and other chemicals have not been put into the earth where the cotton was grown. The yoga mats that we use are made from non-harmful plastics as well.

- We are very much involved in a local charity called APROP. Our work with this charity conveys very well the nature and the underlying philosophy of yoga.

- We provide information on local walking routes here in the Valencian countryside to guests who come here. A beautiful guided hike is offered directly from the retreat location (no driving necessary).

- Our permanent staff live locally.

- All of our foods are organic. These means that the foods are grown in an environment that is free from pesticides, chemical fertilizers and other products that are harmful to the environment, to the soil and to the consumer. Organically grown food is also higher in vitamins, bioflavinoids and other nutrients that are anti-oxidant. Our aim is to truly create a healthy environment where our guests and the soil can thrive.

- All meals are plant-based (so there's less encouragement of carbon emissions).

- We encourage a group transfer for our guests.


- We work hard to maintain two of the foundations of yoga practice - Yama and Niyama which are rules for social and moral conduct. It is therefore very important for us to have a positive connection with the local people in our community.

- Our staff are local. Our head chef prepares the most amazing healthy and delicious food that you can imagine and lives in a local village called Benirrama. Our housekeepers are local too. Our handyman and gardeners are from the village as well. The drivers we recommend live in the Valencian Community.

All of our fruits and vegetables are organic and sourced from local farmers. Most of it comes from a well known local organic farmer called Joan who grows everything on two large plots in the Valencian countryside within 25km of the retreat. We also have organic Valencian lemons growing here on the retreat center and they are the most delicious lemons we have tasted! Using these local farmers for fresh produce reduces the impact on the environment in terms of transport and emissions. It also means that our food is much fresher and hence more healthy & tasty and it means that we provide money to the local community, which is very important to us. Our dry foods also come locally from Spain as well - some even from nearby villages too.

- All of our staff are invited to the yoga, meditation and other classes and some of our chefs are really developing as yoga students as a result.

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