Ethiopia vegan tour

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Ethiopia vegan tour

Carbon reduction

Your vacation will help support local people and conservation. We must also reduce CO2. Learn about the CO2 emissions of this vacation and how to reduce them.


Inside the parks, we have various rules in place to help maintain them as a space and haven for wildlife. We encourage walks or on mules back than car trips and we have a policy of ‘no noise’ inside the parks thus discourage using car horn, music, or any similar cause of disturbance to the wildlife. We also have a policy of ‘No light pollution’ inside the parks other than necessity, especially artificial lighting in outdoor areas. We like to avoid disturbance to wildlife and also to keep the stars visible.

We have a ‘Travelers Code of Conduct’ to help travelers aware what is expected from them. This includes for example, a “no litter” policy on our trips as a whole thus we do not encourage plastic bags or other litter. Instead we advise travelers to use reusable and bio-degradable materials.

We limit our group to a smallest possible size not one that burdens on the local environment. As a scarce resource, we have a policy of ‘economic use of water’ that discourages wastage, care and safeguard it from pollutants.


We encourage travelers to have direct conversations with the locals as it gives the chance for a cultural exchange and learn about each other.

We also advise our travelers to buy local produces and souvenirs instead of throwing money to beggars as this encourages a culture of dependence.

During camping trips, we prepare food and we use fresh local produces which supports the local economy directly. We don’t normally use imported canned foods unless the situation forces us. We buy the vegetables and other items direct from farmers or families who grow them in their backyard.

In the parks, we employ the farmers as scouts and support crew. We use restaurants or hotels that are owned by the locals and/or those that employ the locals.

Every year we make direct financial contribution to projects that support children and on their education. We donate learning materials and foot balls and valley balls especially to rural schools that have less access.

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