Kenya safari with a beach stay

£1600To£1830 excluding flights
8 Days
Tailor made
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This trip can also be taken on a privately guided basis - costs depend on the number of people and time of year.
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Description of Kenya safari with a beach stay

Price information

£1600To£1830 excluding flights
This trip can also be taken on a privately guided basis - costs depend on the number of people and time of year.
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This trip can be tailor made throughout the year to suit your requirements

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Kenya has been in the tourism game longer than virtually any other African country – and it shows. Other nations may boast higher mountains, bigger ga...
'Safari' means 'journey', and the word itself has travelled – first from the Arabic safar and safariya, through to the Swahili safari. This East...

Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) vacation so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


The importance of protecting the environment is paramount and we have a number of guidelines that our staff follow to reduce the consumption of paper and other consumables wherever possible. Plastics, glass and paper are all recycled and reused where possible.

Wherever possible, local produce is featured on the menus - along the coast, only local fish is caught and served on the menus - so local fisherman benefit from the lodges' presence.

The company that owns the camps takes pro-active steps to ensure the properties and tourism activities are run in an environmentally responsible manner - solar panels are used and the footprint of the accommodation is as minimal as possible.

The lodges ensure that local communities have a say in the local land and what goes on there. Partly owned by the Masai, the indigenous communities benefit financially from the lodges location.

Guests are informed about the various conservation projects that occur in this region and the impact on wildlife is assisted by limiting the number of vehicles around a sighting in the private conservancies.


The importance of protecting the communities in which we operate is one of our highest priorities. We participate in a wide range of initiatives that foster development of the people of Africa ranging from sponsorship of students to visits to communities. Our travelers’ visits generate revenue for the communities to invest in locally managed projects.

Past efforts have included student scholarships, eye clinics, reforestation projects, water for villages and water dam projects in the bush. We have built relationships with a number of orphanages and schools helping the future of Africa stay bright.

The Kenyan camps host a number of eco-programmes, all of which are designed to support and sustain the natural and human community of which we are a part and provide an eco-friendly tourist destination. Such programmes vary according to need, but presently they are as follows: Subsidized medical care to the local community - particularly in relation to maternal care and child-immunization; also in relation to HIV/AIDS sensitization. An out-reach programme is operated to the orphanages of the area which allows for visits from staff, the provision of funds, the hosting of seasonal events and the provision of clothing and foodstuffs. The camp works closely with the local Ereri Multi-Cultural Community Manyatta, in the promotion of cultural dance, music, traditional practices and in the promotion of local handicrafts.

Both temporary and permanent jobs are created for the local community, together with training and work-exposure programmes for school leavers.
We encourage interface between our guests and the local villages - hosting tours and promoting the sale of handicraft items.

Local community members are employed, with good working conditions, training opportunities, prospects for the future and a fair wage.

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