Bale Mountains vacation in Ethiopia

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2020: 15 Mar, 30 Oct

Responsible tourism

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we screen every trip so you can travel knowing your vacation will help support conservation and local people.

Our clients are fully briefed in the best environmental practises before traveling on this tour to Ethiopia. This adventure involves hiking through very natural environments and we work with the policy of ‘take nothing but memories, Leave nothing but footprints’.

This means that we do not leave any foreign materials or waste in these environments from our camps, nor do we take any objects from the environment nor disturb its equilibrium by our presence or actions.

We do not approach wild animals that we see in abundance on this trip as they may then be forced to fight or flee, which can cause them or you injury.

Throughout this adventure you will get the chance to spot Mountain Nyalas, huge warthogs and Redback and Bushback Deer who often drop past to say hello, as well as an abundance of local birdlife and the cheeky Columbus monkey! Ethiopian Red Wolf can be seen either as solitary hunters or in small packs with their young.

We stay in local hotels in the Addis Ababa and we camp in remote areas on the rest of this adventure which helps maintain the pristine landscape. However there is the opportunity on day 7 to stay in the Bale Mountains Eco Lodge, located in the forest wilderness lodge, deep within the Bale Mountain National Park (BMNP) of south central Ethiopia.

The lodge supports strong sustainable policies around power, water and waste. Efficient appliances, such as heat-pump hot water heaters act as a reverse refrigeration, ensuring that the lodge minimises its power draw to ease power management issues. They also takes water from the river and subjects it to slow sand filtration and purification so that clients are able to drink water straight from the tap. Bale Mountain lodge is also committed to minimising non-biodegradable waste through various methods.

The Impacts of this Trip

We use our popular and charming local guide from Ethiopia on this adventure and he will help to explain the cultural necessities throughout the trip, in order not to offend, confuse or endanger any wildlife or the local villages and communities we encounter en route.

Some examples of this are that in Ethiopia it is very offensive to wear a hat when entering a church for a man. It is very offensive to eat food with your left hand, as this is traditionally the hand used to clean yourself after you go to the toilet; to do this in a local person’s house from a shared plate of food would be one of the most offensive things you could possibly do to them.

It is also very offensive to wash or defecate downstream from settlements that use a river or stream as their primary water source – to which clients are often completely oblivious.

YWA discourages any projects related to orphanages in Ethiopia unless we have conducted a good amount of due diligence and planned a long-term project. Resident children have been shown to develop attachment disorders as a result of interacting with infrequent volunteer groups who shower them with affection and then leave suddenly. YWA will only be involved in projects where we know we are making a positive, lasting and meaningful difference.


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